Month: July 2019

client getting a spa massage

How to Attract More Spa Customers

The environment dictates the mood of a person. When you’re marketing your business, one of the essential aspects to consider is the aesthetic value of your premises. Creative landscape designers in Salt Lake City and other cities can always help you with this matter. If your business provides spa treatments, this guide will give you ideas on how

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happy employees

Encourage Wellness in the Office

Modern workplaces need to be brightened up a bit. With all the work going on, it can be difficult to stay happy and healthy. However, as the boss, you might be able to do something about that. If you want to help your employees feel better about their workplace, here are a few tips: Design

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rear view of young couple looking at their new house

Know Your Boundaries: Why Should You Mark Your Residential Property Line?

Do you know the boundaries of your property? Property boundaries show you the exact line where your property begins and ends. But you’re not alone if you’re not sure about your property’s boundaries. Homeowners forget about their property boundaries for several reasons, like having changes in their property over the years. But why is it

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kitchen appliances

What to Look for in Secondhand Appliances

When you find yourself looking for new appliances, electronic gadgets, or even furniture, you might be thinking of getting something new. Who wouldn’t, right? With a new product, you minimize any risk of damages or quality that is not up to standards. You are almost always assured of a warranty, which gives you confidence in

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man and woman looking at house renovation plans

Renovation: A Cost-effective Option

Housing prices today continue to surge as the demand grows, making residential properties even more expensive than they already are. This fact compels home buyers to compromise on a lot of factors, such as the house type, number of rooms, architectural style, outdoor space, and location. If you are buying for the first time, compromising

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TAB: Why Businesses Need to Do It

First, the good news: if you’re doing business in Portland, Oregon, you might find the cost of electricity in your favor. It is cheaper than residential electricity and more than 15% lower than the national average. The bad news is Portland’s commercial electricity rate is about 2% higher than the state’s average. Worse, if you

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Food in the sink drain

Achieving Efficient Drainage Systems in Your Restaurant

Restaurants attract many people not only because of the delicacies on offer but also for their ambiance. However, it cannot be the case if the drainage systems are not in good working condition. Blocked drains cause water to back up, leading to water damage. It is also a health hazard. Drainage effluents emit foul smells

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How Long Does it Take to Sell a House in Orlando?

If you plan to sell a house here in Orlando faster than usual, you may need to consider an alternative service aside from a real estate agent. While homes sold quicker in June than in May, sellers still had to wait for 88 days on average from listing to closing transactions. The average sale in

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Five Elements that Cause Premature Deterioration of Asphalt Surfaces

Asphalt is a long-lasting and affordable sealing material. Most people in Salt Lake City opt for asphalt sealing for their driveways and parking lots because the material can withstand heavy loads and regular traffic for decades without breaking. Additionally, asphalt sealing doesn’t require a lot of maintenance as compared to other sealing materials. Just like

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