Day: July 8, 2019

Couple with an agent visiting house for sale

Oh No: The Big No-Nos When Buying a Home

If you want to land on the right home in the right neighbourhood, it’s not enough to know what to do right, but also what you could do wrong. In many instances, buyers have the best strategies up their sleeves, but often end up getting the wrong property because they chose to overlook the red

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For sale sign in front of house

Things to Factor in Before Putting Your Home on the Market

While we hope that selling a house can be as easy as planting a“for sale” sign outside, it isn’t. There are a lot of things that you need to factor in. There are a lot of considerations that have to be made. If you think that you’re ready to sell the house, roll up your

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Rusty marble processing industrial machine

DIY Tips for Using Sandblasting to Remove Rust from Surfaces

Whether it’s your residential or commercial property, repairs are always the most difficult because of the amount of money needed to complete one project. But repainting a car or your home or repairing the roof and other areas of your property should not require you to call a contractor and pay him thousands of dollars.

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Light blue modern bathroom interior with glass door shower and white cabinet with mirror

Pointers for Bathroom Renovation

Bathrooms look small, but you will have a lot of work to do when you renovate the space. In Utah, bathroom remodeling will already keep your hands full. You have to think of the tiles, the layout, the colors, the fixtures, the sink, and many other details. The discussion below will help you decide whether

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A cluster of modern style townhomes with balconies and wood siding.

Improve Rental Property Business with These Maintenance Tips

As a landlord, it is your responsibility to keep your rental properties in their best shape at all time. We know how regular maintenance tasks can be daunting, but keep in mind the rewards that come after it. Effective property management in Salt Lake City prevents tenant vacancy that can hurt your business. It also

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Couple choosing a new paint color

Life-Changing Home Improvement Investments That Maximize Comfort

It might sound funny, but there are a lot of people that don’t find their own homes to be very comforting in the least bit. That’s why numbers show that many people look beyond their home for relaxation and entertainment. There are many investments available that can transform your home in a very comfortable and

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Couple looking at their home

How Your Home Can Keep Up with the Times

Looking at your home and those of your neighbours, you notice that there is a great difference in terms of the look. Your neighbours have started to modernise the look of their homes. You see changes in the style of their roofing, gates, doors, and windows. Therefore, you feel that you also need to make

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samples of vinyl

The Truth About Vinyl Flooring

If your home has been standing even before 1972, there is a considerable chance that your bathroom has vinyl tile flooring, which can contain asbestos. The bad news is that once the flooring gets cracked, asbestos will emit chemicals that are known to be a carcinogen. In today’s world, pollution is a huge concern for

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two workers laying out waterproofing materials

Understanding Construction Waterproofing: Positive, Negative and Blindside

A waterproofing membrane is a thin layer of waterproof materials whose purpose is to prevent water from entering the surface its protecting. In construction, waterproofing membranes are laid on foundations, roofs, and walls since moisture could compromise the structural integrity of those structures. Before installing a waterproofing membrane, the contractor has to make considerations such

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Man putting epoxy on the floor

How Epoxy Coating Can Make Your Concrete Floor Look Its Best

Just like in any part of the house or building, your flooring also needs some kind of protection so it can last for many years. For one thing, a building’s flooring is very much used to heavy foot traffic. Over the years, it can lead to deterioration and would need replacing it after some time.

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