Day: July 8, 2019

an air conditioning unit

Is Your AC Running Non-Stop?

While having an AC that runs longer with fewer cycles (starting and stopping) during hot summers is not entirely a bad thing, you should still need to be concerned about a few things. If your system never stops running but can’t keep you comfortable, there might be something wrong with the unit. The same is

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Primary Design Components of Your Kitchen

In the past, few people paid attention to their kitchen’s design and primarily focused on its functionality. Nowadays, however, they appreciate that the look of your kitchen has an impact on the motivation you have for your meals’ preparation. Getting the best design for your kitchen is thus essential to ensure the best atmosphere to

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Men dancing and having fun together

Why Celebrations Still Matter: All Experiences Are Individual

What’s special about the holidays when you make the same plans with the same people every year? It might feel like an obligation rather than celebration, especially if you’re handling taxing activities such as cooking and planning. Still, as each holiday season rolls around, the excitement builds up and you realize there’s nowhere else you’d

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house roof

Types of Roofing Sealants

Plastic roofing sheets are currently the leading choices for residential and commercial roofs. These come in multi-wall and twin-wall polycarbonate sheets that are easy to install, lightweight and virtually unbreakable. Moreover, polycarbonate sheets have insulating properties that will keep your space warm or cool depending on the climatic conditions and can be cut to suit

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fixing attic room

Design Ideas for Different Attic Rooms

Property owners assume that they do not have sufficient indoor space. Often, they see the attic as nothing more than a space below their roofs. Recently, however, attics are being transformed into functional and beautiful rooms. They give you the much-needed space for storage, sleeping, or relaxation. There are different steps you will need to take

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modern living room with wood floor

A Basic Care Guide to Maintaining a Lustrous Hardwood Floor

Hardwood floors are known both for their timeless beauty and for the value they bring to a home. Careful regular maintenance and planning can help a hardwood floor maintain its appearance for a very long time. Because of its lustrous sheen and its coveted texture, hardwood floor is an attractive choice for flooring. The living

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Black mold growing

Get Rid of Black Mold Before It Gets Worse

Have you noticed any dark area in the bathroom tile grout? Chances are you have black mold infestation right in your bathroom. Black mold often thrives in warm, moist environments such as baths and showers. They can also grow on paper, dirt, or wood. Most types of black mold are toxigenic. It means they release toxins

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Aisle of garage doors

How to Be a Savvy Garage Sale Hunter

As summer arrives, many homeowners who are eager to declutter their homes often decide to put up garage sales. You can buy a lot of quality items for low prices in a garage sale, from kitchenware and bedding to video games, and you can even buy dining table sets if you’re lucky. Scoring the best deals is

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construction worker

Site Setup & Safety: Getting Things Right First & Fast

Worker health, site safety and security are three of the most critical aspects that every construction site should follow strictly. These three are still among the areas that most contractors ignore, especially when setting up the construction site. And, that begs the questions: Is there a standard way of setting up construction sites? Are there

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