Day: July 16, 2019

Architectural detail of metal roofing on commercial construction of modern building complex

Chimneys and Gutters: Priorities for Roof Maintenance

They say if you shake the hand of an experienced chimney sweep in Connecticut or any other place, you’ll enjoy a run of good luck. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of superstition, but you cannot rely on luck to keep the roof clean and functioning optimally. Here are important reminders on how to maintain a sturdy roof over

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Backyard patio with pergola

Things to Consider Before Building a Pergola in your Home

Gone are the days where people would stay inside the comfort of their homes to relax. Nowadays, outdoor living makes our simple domestic lives more fun and even makes us feel closer to nature. One way is by creating your own backyard garden and growing fruits and vegetables. You can also call local contractors in

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Couple house hunting

Top Things to Look Out For When You Go House Hunting

Searching for a new home can be a stressful yet exciting experience. Apart from the fact that you have to spend so much time looking for a suitable place to live, you must also put every house under keen scrutiny. You’re looking for a new place to stay, so you wouldn’t want to mess it

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Small living room with stylish dresser, glass table, sofa and decorative window curtains

The Life Changing Ways of Small Space Living

Small space living wasn’t a popular concept a few years back, but a new found appreciation for it has captured a huge market base and continues to be a popular option for rentals and acquisitions for those who value these things. Winning the Decorating Challenge Whoever said it’s impossible to decorate a small home is

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fixing water heater

Check Your Water Heater After Disasters

The recent earthquake in California has taught residents, along with people in other states, that preparation is essential. You must be ready to evacuate your Utah home or place of work at a moment’s notice once an earthquake begins. After the shaking, you need to know what to do. Can you go home, or should

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man fixing furnace

How Much Should You Pay for Furnace Installation in Modesto?

The average price of installing residential heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) in Modesto may cost approximately $1,850 for a forced air furnace, including the cost of labor. It can take around 6.4 hours to complete an installation, and this can cost $355 for professional work. You should expect to spend up to $190 for

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