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To DIY or Not to DIY? That Is the Home Maintenance Question

The lazy summer days are almost over and fall is fast approaching. In Salt Lake City, the colder weather creeping in means it’s time to start tackling all those maintenance projects you’ve been putting off. When it comes to doing maintenance jobs, you have two choices: you can either do the repairs yourself or you

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modern interior design of bedroom

Interior Design: How Much Has It Changed?

Interior designs either stand or fail the tests of time. The successful ones become the standard that every artist and designer hope to replicate in their own work. With every failed design, on the other hand, artists learn from their mistakes to improve their work. It is a never-ending cycle of the creative process that they all have

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man lying on the floor, taking a rest from home renovation project

Home Renovation: Can You Do It Yourself?

Some things get old rather quickly. And with age comes some form of degradation and decay. With fresh food like fruits and vegetables, they often rot within only days or a week. Some foods, on the other hand, can stay fresh up to months or years, like canned goods. The same can be said for

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Which Garage Door Style Matches Your Home?

Garage doors do more than just serve as an entry or exit point for vehicles. The right design will also complement your house nicely and add to its overall aesthetic appeal. To help homeowners choose the appropriate garage doors for either installation or repair, here are the different styles available not in Logan, Utah and

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Homeowners Insurance Policy: Are Water Damages Covered?

As a homeowner, your worries do not end upon signing the contract to the house nor paying for it fully. In fact, a home purchase can even be the cause of most of your worries since there are just so many factors to consider. These include the homeowners insurance policy you need to protect your

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Types of Décor Accessories for Front Doors

Interior décor for some time was preserved for commercial properties intent on exuding the best business look to their clients. Nowadays, however, residential property owners want exceptional interior looks. They are hence spending thousands in their homes’ interior décor. Unfortunately, they forget the first element almost everyone will base their view of their homes on;

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Making your Bathroom a Safer Place

Bathroom falls and slips are the most common causes of injuries sustained by the elderly and youngsters alike. While it is impossible to keep your bathroom 100% safe and slip-proof, there are a lot of ways to prevent it from happening. Sometimes, sprucing up your bathroom essentials and investing in additional equipment is what you

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granite countertops

Quartz and Granite Countertops: How Much Do They Cost?

The average cost of installing a granite countertop in Provo measuring 215 square feet may cost almost $12,000, while a quartz countertop of the same size may cost around $14,900. Granite and quartz are good choices for kitchen countertops. While the former is more expensive, you’ll find it easier to clean and maintain a countertop

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Woman applying sunscreen on her shoulder

UV and Skin Cancer: Get Adequate Sun Protection

The Phoenix NBA team isn’t called the Suns for no reason. Phoenix and the rest of Arizona are some of the sunniest places in the nation, and along with the sun comes harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation. UV rays from the sun are the leading cause of skin cancers as well as the primary reason for

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Foolproof Ways to Select The Colour Scheme of Your Home’s Exterior

When bringing your dream home to life, colour can make or break your entire vision. Your exterior paint colours deliver that all-important first impression and can hide minor flaws while highlighting its best features. However, you probably know that painting your home’s exterior can be costly. This is not only in terms of money, but

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