Day: August 2, 2019

construction worker polishing concrete

How to Make Concrete Look Good

Most of the time, homeowners think of concrete as something to cover inside the house. This mostly stems from the fact that concrete is the default exterior material. Everything from sidewalks to building exteriors has the gray material prominent. It also has the undeserved reputation of being cold and uninspiring. However, if you take a

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minimalist modern attic bedroom

The Best Remodeling Additions for Your Home

In spite of the large expenses that home remodeling can incur, it is an exciting prospect for most homeowners. One should take up a major remodeling project with a clear plan in mind, and not just out of a whim. The main motivation behind home renovations is often to create a more comfortable and appropriate

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It Costs Around $100 to Fix a Broken Water Heater

The average price of residential water heater repair in Orem usually costs around $100, but some homeowners can pay as much as $400 depending on the type of problem. A common problem involves little to no hot water that sometimes requires a simple inspection. In some cases, the demand for heated water around the house

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