Month: September 2019

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Typical Causes of Furnace Fires

Indoor comfort is essential in today’s properties. To this end, home builders are coming up with several elements to boost the look of your indoors and outdoors. Other than this, indoor heating and cooling play a significant role in the comfort of your indoors. Furnaces are currently the go-to choice for indoor heating and cooling.

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Minimalist bathroom

Remodel: Making Your Bathroom Look Bigger

Moving inside a small bathroom can be frustrating. This is the space where you usually take your time to de-stress and take care of your body, and it would be amazing if you can move around and do your routine in a bigger space. Below, we will be teaching you how to properly design your

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home design planning

What’s a Focal Point in Interior Design?

The key to creating a visually appealing space is using basic principles of design. One such concept you cannot afford to neglect is emphasis. A specific design element should serve as a centerpiece, in which people’s eyes would gravitate to when they step into the space. By drawing the attention to the focal point, there

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upper shot of a wind farm

Renewable Energy and Its Role in the Fight Against Climate Change

Carbon dioxide emissions are the largest contributors to human-induced global warming. In the past few years, these emissions were reportedly stabilizing. However, carbon emission rose by 1.6 percent in 2017 and projected to grow 2.7 percent more in 2018, according to the Global Carbon Project. The negative effects of too much carbon dioxide emission are well known:

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