Month: May 2020

commercial space

Dos and Don’ts When Maintaining a Commercial Space

Whether you own a new commercial building or an old one, its maintenance is one task you should never take for granted. With regular maintenance, you can check if there are hazards that are threatening the safety of the people inside the building. You can avoid legal issues and lower your repair expenses. This also

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Planning to Age in Place? Make Sure You Do This One Step

The Sunshine State has one of the highest concentrations of older adults in the United States. According to the Census Bureau, the number of people 65 years old and above in Florida grew by 3.4% from 2017 to 2018. By 2030, the group will account for 32.5% of the residents. While a good number of

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man standing by the window

Great Ways to Brighten up Your Windows

There is no feeling greater than waking up in the morning and seeing the sunshine beam through your bedroom windows. It makes you feel ready to take on the day’s challenges. But if you are not in this kind of place, do not fret. Maybe your place or room just needs a little sprucing up.

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door lock

Subtle Security Features for Every Home

Home security is one of the most important aspects of owning a property, whether it’s a house in a quiet village or a flat in the city. Despite what some people believe, home security need not be expensive or flashy. Subtle home security features are better because they allow your property to blend in while

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Three Simple DIY Projects to Increase a House’s Property Value

Selling a house can be tricky. There are so many factors that influence a property’s value, such as location, size, and the market. While you can’t control many of them, you can improve the house’s condition. You don’t even need to hire professionals. Save on labor costs by making upgrades by yourself. Pick up your

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Maximize Your Backyard With These Smart Ideas

When you look out at your backyard and see vacant space, you should seriously consider adding some improvements to it. This is especially true if you have a sizable backyard. Some upgrades can provide your home with a variety of benefits. If you’re thinking about what to add to your backyard, here are some pretty

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Shed Building Hacks: Ideal Size, Base, and Roofing Material

A backyard shed should be a staple in homes, but since restrictions exist, many people opt out of them, convincing themselves that it’s not necessary, anyway. However, considering that people’s leading reason for relocating is a lack of storage space, you’ll realize that a shed is an absolute necessity, after all, or you’ll just wind

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Five Office Redesign Ideas Employees Will Love

Workers spend a huge amount of their time in the office, so it is important to make them feel comfortable during their stay. Aside from being functional, the office design could be fun as well. Here are a few tips on making the workspace look stunning: Pay attention to the stairs The staircase is an

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Bathroom Maintenance 101: The Obvious and Essential Tasks

There are a lot of maintenance tasks to do inside the house. The job for every homeowner is to attend to these needs to keep it a functioning shelter. However, you might find the tasks overwhelming. You might not have the time to attend to it all, especially when it comes to the bathroom. You

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