Month: June 2020

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Relax: How to Decorate a Stress-Free Home

Your home is your own personal haven to get away from the stress of work and daily life. However, if your space is looking more like a cluttered cave rather than a stress-free sanctuary, it’s time to take action. There are plenty of things you can do to decorate your home and transform it into

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Attention Homeowners: Consider These Reality Checks Before Renovating

Many homeowners can’t wait to tackle home improvement projects. With the current COVID-19 crisis still in effect, many now have time to finally tackle overdue renovations. While this is the perfect opportunity for you to start improving your home, it pays to realize that a home renovation can be more complex than you might think.

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Concrete Enemies: Problems Lurking in Your Concrete Structure

When it comes to building a structure such as a house or commercial property, concrete is a popular material of choice. While new materials are emerging on the market, many builders and architects still prefer using concrete in their construction projects. This is because of the many benefits offered by this iconic material. If you

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Tips for Landlords: Renting out Your Property to College Students

College students are a unique demographic of tenants. And as a landlord, you have to be prepared for the implications of renting to this group. Here are some tips to know before renting to college students. In a college town, being a landlord can bring in a steady source of income for you. However, there

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Better Speakers: What Happens in a Toastmasters Meeting

People looking to slay their fears of public speaking have probably heard of Toastmasters (TM) International. This nonprofit educational organization is present in at least 143 countries through its 16,800 member clubs. Joining a TM club can help people develop and practice their speaking skills until they get comfortable enough with the activity. It is

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Steps to Maintain Your Outdoor Lighting this Summer

Summer and stay-at-home orders are two things that we need to contend with right now. While restrictions about going outside have eased and plenty of people have started going to beaches and other outdoor recreation, it’s still best to keep to yourself to minimize the risk of getting coronavirus. No worries, though, because your home

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Choosing and Maintaining the Best Patio or Deck Furniture

To have a patio or deck (or both!) is truly a sweet blessing. It serves as your second living and dining room, where you prefer to stay during summers with your friends over. Barbecue somehow tastes better when it’s grilled outside, and your ice-cold drinks seem more refreshing with the breeze gently sweeping over your

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Should Green Roofing Be Mandatory?

On June 6, 2020, the world celebrated the very first World Green Roof Day or #WGRD, an event that aims to celebrate green roofs all over the world and how they benefit people and the environment. Initiated by Chris Bridgman, the owner of a UK-based landscape construction company, the #WGRD2020 aims to promote green roofing

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Solving Small Home Decorating Dilemmas

On average, Australians pay US$8,783 per square meter of space in their homes or apartments. While this is way lower than average prices in the UK ($23,905) and the U.S. ($17,191), Australian real estate can still be costly. So if you’ve bought your own place, whether it be a small apartment or a kit home like

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