Month: June 2020

symmetry and architecture

The Virtues of Symmetry and How They Relate to Architecture

There are thousands of building structures out there with varying levels and styles. Some have safe and practical designs, but they probably would blend in with the others and could escape your attention. Then there are those that have daring and striking designs. They are the ones that stand out and make you stop to

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lighting interior

Three Quick and Easy Ways to Improve the Lighting Around Your Home

In any kind of residence, people carry out their activities with the aid of light. Yet seldom, if at all, do we harness the ability of lighting to improve our daily living experience. In particular, those who’ve moved into older homes with outdated fixtures or poorly executed layouts can be missing out. A bathroom renovation

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watering flowers

How to Make Your Garden Conserve Water

There are many benefits to making your garden more conservative in its water consumption. Not only will you do some good for the environment and could contribute to staving off a water shortage, but you can also give your garden a unique appeal, all while saving as much as $30-$70 on your water bills. So

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happy woman

Breathing Easy: Keeping a Set of Healthy Lungs While at Home

When talking about breathing easy, one of the first places that you would likely think of is home. After all, that’s where you relax and put your feet up after a long day’s work. With the great amount of stress that’s building up in the world nowadays, however, it can be challenging to do so.

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woman working from home

Working from Home: How to Stay Productive and Motivated

According to telecommuting trends, there are 5 million workers in the United States who are currently working from home. It comprises 3.6% of the workforce population. Aside from this, data revealed that 35% of employees wish to change their current jobs to land a full-time remote one. These figures show that several people want to

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What They Don’t Tell You After Uni

Our younger selves have been led to believe that going to a good university and then graduating with honours is the ultimate goal of life. It’s why students, with their parents’ prodding, obsess over getting good grades, sometimes to the detriment of social relationships, health and happiness. East Asian countries like Japan and South Korea

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green leaves

The Wonders of the Roman Specularia Still Lives On

Gardening is an ancient art, and many historians believe that it originated when humans started domesticating plants and developing agriculture. Forest-gardening is the oldest form of art, and mostly it involved family groups that gradually discovered which plants were useful. Eventually, these were the only ones grown inside courtyards, which ultimately led to the domesticated

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Four Ways to Boost Your Offline Marketing During the Pandemic

Most businesses these days are already taking advantage of digital marketing. With the growing number of consumers on the Internet, it only makes sense to start finding leads online. Such a marketing technique becomes an even more relevant strategy after the COVID-19 pandemic struck. But this does not necessarily mean that offline marketing is no

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driveway of house

Surefire Ways to Boost Your Driveway’s Aesthetics

A home’s exterior matter, as it helps create a first impression. If your home lacks curb appeal, then no one will spare time to appreciate the house you’ve come to love and invest a lot in. This is especially true when you have guests coming over or if you are trying to sell the house.

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Car painting

How to Choose the Best Auto Body Paint Shop for Your Car

Giving your car a paint job can give it a fresh new look or cover up scratches after an accident. Regardless of your reason for doing it, you’ll always want the best possible results. The quality of your car’s paint job varies depending on the auto body paint shop you choose to do it at.

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