Month: August 2020

security camera

How to Choose The Right Home Security System for You

From tough locks to security cameras, there are plenty of measures you can take to protect your home from intruders. But it’s important to recognize that not all security systems are made the same. Certain systems and solutions may be more appropriate for your specific needs. Here’s how to choose the right home security system

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dream home

Top Problems You’ll Likely Encounter When Having Your Dream Home Built

There couldn’t be anything more exciting than having your dream home built. But as the project carries on, you’ll likely encounter problems now and then. They’ll be sources of a headache, but the reality is, there is hardly any construction project that proceeds 100% smoothly. Hence, manage your expectations from the get-go. Perfection is next

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green miniature home

The Luxury of Space and How Tiny Houses Maximize It

As the years go by, space becomes more and more of a luxury in the United States. The smallest studio apartment average in the country is found in Ferrelview, Missouri, measuring 342 square feet where the average rent is $445. When it comes to one-bedroom apartments, Iowa City tops the charts with an average of

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