Month: December 2020

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Low-Maintenance Ways of Extending Your Home’s Lifespan

Naturally, one of the best ways of extending the lifespan of your home is through constant and proper maintenance. Although maintaining an average-sized home won’t be a problem for most families, the problem usually stems from the amount spent on monthly maintenance. On average, a homeowner might have to spend around $200 every month for

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What Homeowners Should Do to Prep Their Bathroom for the Winter

With winter just about to reach its peak, the entire Great White North is bracing itself for its yearly sojourn into sub-zero weather. Especially in places like Calgary, where snowstorms can be brutal,  homeowners need to make sure that their homes are secured from Jack Frost, and one of the areas of the house that

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Three Best House Sidings for Your Home Renovation

House sidings are one of the most essential exterior components of a suburban home. It helps protect the frame of various homes from wear and tear. It is also essential to safeguard families from the elements, whether it be rain, snow, or strong winds. Without sidings, a home can never be complete. But some homeowners

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Preparing Your Home for Spring

Preparing your home for spring can be done even if we’re in the middle of winter. It’s always good to plan so you’ll cover all contingencies in the plan. So, it’s never too early to prepare your home for spring. Here are some things you can consider when you’re planning to make your home look

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How to Winter-Proof Your Outdoor Spaces Effectively

A snow-laden garden is a breathtaking sight to behold. Also, occasional walks around your outdoor spaces could be a real treat. However, for mostly-used patios, walkways, paths, and main entryways, safety is usually a real concern. Here are some easy things you should do right now to keep ice and from snow endangering your family,

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Household Maintenance Tips Every Homeowner Should Remember

Your house is likely to experience a few flaws over the years, and you need to fix them before they cause significant damages. Fortunately, you don’t need to be a construction contractor, plumber, or carpenter to keep your house in good shape for years. Here are practical household maintenance tips you need to implement: Repair

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Questions to Ask the Interviewer during Your Job Interview

When the HR interviewer asks, “Do you have any more questions?” you know that you’re out of the hot seat, and the hurdles are pretty much over. However, this last question presents an opportunity to set yourself apart from other candidates. That’s because when the interviewer asks for questions, most candidates immediately say no or

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Essential Things to Do at Home Before the Year Ends

With 2021 drawing near, we can’t help but think that this is our chance for a fresh start. In a way, it’s a new lease on life, as we become more hopeful with our fight against the coronavirus. To really feel the fresh start of the new year, we need to accomplish a few things

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The First-Time Homeowner’s Guide to House Maintenance

There’s more to buying your first house than looking for your dream home and settling in. Mortgage aside, you’re responsible for properly maintaining and looking after it. Of course, you can always hire home cleaners or other residential services to help you keep your home in top condition. But there are some things you can

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How Farming Games Impacted Your Home Life

Remember a time when people would join Facebook solely to play FarmVille? We were addicted to the thrill of growing and harvesting fruits and vegetables. We were excited over mundane things such as planting cherry blossom trees when they’re in season. A-list celebrities such as Emma Stone have talked about their own addiction to FarmVille.

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