Month: March 2021

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Know What Lies Beneath: The Mechanisms Within Your Household

Maintaining an entire household on your own is hard work. Most households are multi-faceted. There’s the financial aspect that includes the main sources of income, the social aspect which involves the members of the family, and the technical aspect that involves the house itself. You might be able to balance your work and family life

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Outdoor Home Upgrades That Can Boost Your Health

The pandemic gave us more reasons to value our health and wellness. But then, all the social distancing and quarantining made it lonelier to stay active. As we stay indoors more hours each day, it becomes easier to indulge in a sedentary lifestyle. Finding the motivation to live a healthier and more active lifestyle can

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5 Inexpensive Hacks to Beef Up Your Home Security

In the recent 2 21 Year-to-date (YTD) Crime Comparison data released by the Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Department, there were 169 burglaries reported as of March 12, 2021. Additionally, there were a total of 604 motor vehicle thefts, 1,422 thefts from auto, and 1,709 other incidences of theft in the nation’s capital. These figures just

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Steps Involved in a Commercial Construction Project

Constructing a commercial building is no easy task. There are various complexities involved in the project that can overwhelm new construction firms and inexperienced employees. The commercial construction sector had seen a downfall due to the pandemic. But, it is slowly bouncing back. If you are new to commercial construction, not having the right approach

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Stunning Landscaping Trends to Explore This 2021

One of the best ways to beat cabin fever and feelings of self-isolation is by investing in our yards. It’s a safe way to get some fresh air regularly, and it motivates us to leave the indoors from time to time, clear our heads, and find time to breathe. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to spruce

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The Cost of Living with Kids

Families with young kids would agree that living with kids can sometimes be a nightmare to deal with. Although parents love their kids, naughty child behavior can’t always be avoided. It might come as a surprise for some first-time parents but having a kid is not always about smiles and giggles. During this pandemic, many

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Can You Build Your Own Japanese Garden At Home

Gardens are a mainstay in home improvement projects, and while they’re fairly straightforward to do, there’s plenty of ways to take the challenge up a notch and give yourself some fun doing them. From installing DIY sprinkler systems or dipping your toes into full-blown landscaping for the first time, anyone can get a kick out

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The Modern Conservatory: Ideas for Your Green Living Space

Back in the day, conservatories were used as spaces where the Brits can cultivate plants and other scholarly pursuits. Their uses have become varied since then, with a lot of these conservatories being connected to providing an area to relax and to receive visitors in the home. A lot of improvements have been made since

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Creating a Budget for Your Home Improvement Project

Yup, we know you’re excited about your first home improvement project. Are you planning to upgrade your outdated bathroom into a modern space? Are you thinking of installing a new floor for your open living space? Or, are you working on a gorgeous kitchen upgrade? No matter what it is, we understand how tough it

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