Month: July 2021

tiny house

How to Make All of Your Things Fit Into a Small Home

When you move to a small home and it turns out that you’ve brought too much stuff with you, the first instinct, usually, is to get rid of excess items to be able to fit everything in such a limited space. But for many reasons, this can be difficult to do for some people—whether it’s

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rearranging furniture

Simple Yet Amazing Ideas to Maintain and Improve Your Home

There are many ways to improve a home. Simple ways that could make a home a lot better than before. Some families would require home renovations to suit their taste, but they can be too costly. Others would consider looking into some tutorials and follow tips to improvise. There are some simple ways to improve

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Summer pool with float

6 Post-Summer Maintenance Tasks You Shouldn’t Forget

The temperature is now starting to cool down, the air is no longer as humid, and people are starting to trade in their shorts and flip-flops for light jackets and scarves. The summer season is starting to come to a close. While it has certainly been fun frolicking under the sun and hanging out by

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energy efficient

Three Energy-efficient Ways to Save Money in Your Home

It no longer comes as a surprise that the cost of living nowadays is much higher than it was a few decades ago. As the prices of commodities in the market continue to rise, so does the cost of utilities like water and electricity. That’s why you can’t blame people for wanting to find ways

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close up shot of plants

Plants that Will Naturally Repel Insects from Your Yard This Summer

Bugs are a nuisance. Their presence, and the potential disease-causing germs they transport, threaten to ruin the first summer after the outbreak of COVID-19 in the United States. However, there are things that you can do to prevent them from taking over your entire lawn and your home, endangering the health of the people you

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DIY project

Home Improvements That Increase Home Value

Home Improvement Projects and Increasing the Value of a Home Homeowners often want to know which home improvement projects can increase the value of their homes. There are many things you can do to improve your house’s value, but these three ideas will give you a good start: insulation, exterior paint, and landscaping. All three

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diy project

Reminders for When DIY Interior Design Becomes Daunting

Picture this: you’re in the middle of your house, room, or apartment. In front of you is a plain white wall even though you’ve been loving bright, bold colours lately. On your right is a worn-out couch that you’ve been using since who-knows-when. If you take a step back, you’ll hit a cabinet, a table, or

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air purifier

IAQ vs. the Virus: Cleaner Air at Home, Lower Risk for the Family

Many people can easily get rattled by recent coronavirus statistics. With over 600,000 people succumbing to the virus, you see a death toll that’s more than all the deaths of all great wars combined, from the Civil War to World War 2. And that alone is scary enough to give you those spine-tingling sensations running up and

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home project

A Guide to Quarantine Home Design and Improvement

Pandemic homeowners have been preoccupied with home improvement projects since the start of the quarantine period. People have been looking for fresh ways of making their homes warmer and more comfortable to live in each day. A lot of home improvement projects have been explored by these homeowners and their home transformations have been dominating

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