Month: July 2021

beautiful home interior

Sustainable Homeownership: Three Upgrades You Can Try

With today’s alarming rates of global warming and climate change, people should start becoming more responsible for their actions. Every person in the world has a social responsibility to lessen the harmful effects of their activities on the environment, but very few actually do their part. As a homeowner, you can contribute to the sustainable

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home maintenance

Is It Possible to Maintain the Beauty of Your Home?

As we all know, when something is being used all the time, it may be inevitable for that one thing to sustain damages and lose its initial vibrancy. It won’t look as new, and it won’t feel as new. This is what time does to almost every single thing, both animate and inanimate. Such is the case

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old pungent house

Don’t Ignore Strange Odors in Your House

Strange odors are quite common in Salt Lake City. Sulfides from the Great Salt Lake can travel all the way to Millcreek — giving the air a funky smell. However, if strange odors are coming from inside of your home — it might be time to do a little digging. Smells can range from irritating

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a house with numerous plants

Incorporating Natural Elements Into Your Home

Our appreciation for nature is often found in plenty of our activities. Multiple activities that relieve our stress make use of natural elements, and many of these we actively do regularly. This simply shows that nature has this gentle yet captivating power that makes us crave it constantly. But our love for the beaches and

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construction site

Essential Factors To Consider When Preparing Your Construction Site

Planning out and outlining a construction will always be one of the most important parts of any project. The first step in this situation is ensuring that the area where the building will be constructed is feasible and safe enough for the building’s foundations. Although it might seem that this will take a great deal

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home repair

6 Long-Term Investment Repairs You Can Make in Your House

Owning a house may be a lifelong desire. However, the world of homeownership involves more than just peaceful weekends on the porch and romantic evenings by the fireplace. It takes dedication to maintain your own paradise secure and functioning correctly. Making minor fixes is part of the deal.   Here are six repairs you can

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