Month: January 2022

man picking up a pattern to replace flooring

Boosting Mental Health with the Right Home Improvements

We all know that physical health is essential, but how much do you focus on mental health? More than you may think. Researchers have found that spending time on home improvement projects — the kind that makes your house feel less like a home and more like a home office — can improve the state

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When Have You Last Cleaned Your Outdoor Furniture?

Whether you have your first barbecue dinner party or you’re having guests over after a long time, you must also be planning on sorting out your outdoor living room. The problem is, it can be a little challenging to decide where to begin. Cleaning out your patio, deck, or whatever type of outdoor living area

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decorated home

Home Décor for Every Kind of Home

You really need to consider what kind of home you have before you start redecorating. Home décor is not just about picking out the perfect paintings. It’s a whole process that needs to consider where your house is located and how it feels when somebody walks in the door. There are different types of homes, and

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