3 Out-Of-Sight Maintenance Tasks You Shouldn’t Neglect

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There’s a lot of maintenance work that homeowners need to be on top of. That is especially true when it comes to areas that are not easily within your line of sight. Even longtime homeowners forget to tend to forget about these tasks.

What are some of these frequently neglected maintenance tasks, and how should you go about addressing them?

Checking wear and tear on the chimney crown

As the tallest part of the home, far from the direct line of sight, the chimney is often overlooked., The chimney crown, in particular, deserves a quick look now and then. It’s the part that covers the top of the chimney to shield your home from debris and rainwater.

This constant exposure to varying weather conditions will chip away at the chimney crown. Little by little, cracks will start to appear and could open up breaches, allowing water to drip down into the interior framing. When this happens, mold and rot are more likely to develop.

Make it a point to inspect your chimney at least yearly. You can always hire professionals to do the inspecting and maintenance work for you. But if you’re up to the task, have a brushable crown sealer on hand. Before applying the sealant with a paintbrush, make sure to brush off any dirt and debris present.

Addressing duct leaks and air quality

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Air ducts circulate warm or cool air around the home to maintain ideal temperatures.

However, over time, air ducts often contract or expand in size due to frequent changes between warm and cool temperatures. As a result, they will begin to start showing holes or ill-fitting areas where air can leak out. According to the Department of Energy, air duct leaks often contribute to higher energy bills.

Additionally, dust and dirt typically infiltrate HVAC systems and mix in with the air. You might not notice it, but you could be breathing in harmful air at some point.

Enlist the help of professional ductwork inspection and cleaning services. While a do-it-yourself solution is undoubtedly possible, fiddling around with HVAC systems requires a bit more attention to detail. If you’re wary of inflicting more damage to your air ducts, you may need to contact the pros to help you seal up any leaks and flush out dirt and debris.

Lubricating water shutoff valves

Shutoff valves control the water supply in the home. You can cut off the flow of water during major repairs or emergencies with just a few twists and turns of these devices.

Unlike frequently used faucets and toilet flushes, these valves are rarely made use of. As months or years go by, shutoff valves start garnering rust, and they become hard to switch on and off. In some serious cases, they can break off when you try to apply too much pressure.

Make sure to regularly check the valve under your kitchen, bathroom sink, and other areas. Try turning it, and if it’s hard to do so, don’t force the issue. Apply a lubricant to help the valve turn smoothly.

If you need to make any repairs or replacements, you can find all kinds of shutoff valves for sale in your local hardware store. As always, if you’re not confident with conducting maintenance and repair work yourself, don’t hesitate to contact professional support.


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