5 Inexpensive Hacks to Beef Up Your Home Security

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In the recent 2 21 Year-to-date (YTD) Crime Comparison data released by the Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Department, there were 169 burglaries reported as of March 12, 2021. Additionally, there were a total of 604 motor vehicle thefts, 1,422 thefts from auto, and 1,709 other incidences of theft in the nation’s capital.

These figures just show that even amid a pandemic (or probably because of it), crimes against properties are rampant. Considering that these crimes occurred and continue to do so in the seat of power in the US, it’s safer to say it can happen anywhere else in the country where law enforcement units are not as well-trained or well-equipped.

Now, wherever you may be in the US, you should keep your home secured throughout the year, particularly when you’re away. And before you think wrongly about the whole deal being an overly complicated and costly affair, here are five ways to improve your home security without spending too much money:

Keep the indoor valuables out of plain sight

The last thing you want to happen is for potential burglars to have a clear view from the street of the valuables you have inside the home such as your top-of-the-line smart TV or precious oil painting and sculpture pieces. It’s like you’re essentially waving at them to come and have a go at your high-value items.

You can avoid possible burglaries due to valuables in plain sight by installing visual barriers, such as some modern window roller shades. These inexpensive security products are not only practical but also decorative in nature since there are plenty of colors and shades available.

Additionally, you may choose from different shade systems, such as ones that completely block out light (for total privacy and security) systems that simply minimize the amount of light that gets in and out of the home. As home security improvements, they are relatively inexpensive ones that are well within your reach.

Invest in excellent-quality locks

If alarm systems are not within your budget, you can get the next-best thing: topnotch locks for doors and windows.

When shopping for them, be sure to check whether they include deadbolts that are considered as Grade 1 (which is simply the highest grade of security certificate given to such locks). These locks are perfect for exterior doors, so would-be intruders would be stopped dead in their tracks.

Get some smart light timers and bulbs

Burglars are most likely going to abandon any attempts at ransacking a home if they have visual and auditory clues that someone is at home and awake.

If you’re going to be away for an errand, work, or travel and you want to make thieves think that there’s a house occupant who can see them, then the quick and inexpensive trick is to buy smart light bulbs and some digital light timers. These products can be manually programmed once, so they can be made to activate at fixed schedules or randomly instead.

Aside from lights, you can also opt to have your TV or radio turn on randomly or during pre-programmed hours. This will complement the visual deterrent given by the smart lights that you have installed, so you’ll get an awesome twosome kind of theft stoppers.

Buy and install motion detectors

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Another kind of inexpensive security product is motion detectors, which can be paired with your lights to only get triggered when someone is moving within the range that the sensors cover.

Motion-activated lights are pretty cheap, yet highly functional. You can simply buy them online or from a local home supplies store and install them DIY-style since they are pretty straightforward products. They cost just a few dollars, but they can deliver you a million-dollar type of value as theft deterrents.

Do some landscaping

Some homeowners make the fatal mistake of overly concealing their home either by having high walls or thick and high hedges close to windows doors. They think that by concealing their homes using such elements, thieves will no longer be interested in breaking in. In fact, the opposite effect sometimes happens, since burglars use such concealments to make their break-in attempts more discreet once they’ve gone past the concealments.

So, if you don’t want your so-called theft deterrent to becoming a theft aid, you need to do some landscaping such as trimming the hedges or trees planted close to your doors and windows. With this simple trick, you can take away the advantage of concealment and make the potential burglar realize the danger of him or her being seen and caught.

Just follow these simple tricks and you can easily make your home better equipped to deter would-be thefts, all without spending a great amount of cash.


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