5 Worthwhile Home Improvements to Spend Your Money on

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If you’re among the millions of American homeowners who have saved enough to push through with your planned property improvements, you shouldn’t spend a single dollar without first listing down some options. It’s easy to begin a project with all the money you have but it’s also easy to regret your decision when you suddenly realize that you could have spent it on a better improvement.

As such, here are five worthwhile property improvement ideas that you should consider:

A landscape makeover.

If you happen to have a nice-sized lawn that you think deserves some TLC, then a landscape makeover should be a perfect project to kickstart.

If you want to save some dollars on the labor costs, you can do it DIY-style and treat it as your little pandemic family project. However, if you don’t have the skills, time, and equipment to guarantee great results, then all you need is to tap a local professional landscaper to take on the task on your behalf.

With such as skilled service provider on your side, you can simply communicate your vision and let your contractor realize it for you. With an improved landscape, your property will be more inviting and will even increase its market value, whether or not you intend to put it up for sale in the future.

A fresh coat of paint for your walls and ceilings.

Sometimes, all a property needs to look great is a fresh coat of paint for the walls and ceilings. And so, this is one home improvement idea you must seriously think about.

Just like the landscape makeover option, this is another potential home improvement project where you could do it on your own. You’ll only need some paint rollers and buckets, a few gallons of house paints with low or zero VOC (volatile organic compounds), some old newspapers and magazines to protect the floor, and lots of patience.

Depending on how much ground you need to cover, this project could take a day or two to a full week, since you’ll need several coats of paints and some surface preparations to achieve excellent outcomes. But if you’re after a rather simple home improvement with immediate results, then this should be a top candidate.

Some fire and water features.


If you wish to up your property’s aesthetics and functionality a few notches, adding fire and water features to it fits the bill perfectly. This project could cover both your indoor and outdoor spaces since there are fire and water amenities that are perfect for either of the two settings.

For example, you can have a traditional fireplace inside your home to keep your family warm and cozy during the winter months. You can have a similar fire feature outside, which would allow you to spend a comfortable time outdoors during chilly weather.

The same goes for water amenities such as a pool, pond, and artificial waterfall. You can have an indoor koi pond and an outdoor one. Or an indoor pool plus one that sits perfectly in your yard.

Timely switch to energy-efficient lighting.

Your home should be well-lit both indoor and outdoor to let occupants move around safely and easily. This happens during both night and day, which only means that your home’s lighting features are constant power-guzzlers.

You can easily make things more cost-efficient by switching all your lights to LEDs and CFLs, as these are proven to be the most power-efficient lighting options in the market. Not only that, manufacturers now produce stylish lights that look stunning but won’t stun you when the monthly electricity bills arrive.

While they may cost more initially than other lighting options available, they are cheaper in the long run with the regular savings on electricity, plus their proven long service life. These qualities make them not only good for your finances but also for the environment.

A new lease of life for your kitchen.

Homeowners spend a considerable amount of their daily routine in the kitchen, which only makes it imperative to give the space a much-needed boost in form and function. No less than the 2020 Cost vs Value Report by Remodeling Magazine revealed that simple kitchen makeovers have up to 77 percent pay off value. This quite an impressive figure for a quick home improvement project, even if you don’t have plans of selling your home.

You can give your kitchen some new appliances, custom cabinetry, new countertops, and other amenities that will make it more functional. You can also rearrange its layout to conform to your cooking needs or to make it more spacious for you. There are tons of ways you can approach this project, so you’ll surely have plenty of ideas to find inspiration from.

With these five excellent home improvement options on your plate, making your home a more livable space should come easy.


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