6 Landscaping Hacks For Small Backyards

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Having a small backyard leaves you with little space to work with, but it doesn’t mean you can’t transform it into the outdoor space of your dreams. Here are some of the best tips when it comes to landscaping a small backyard:

1. Create a plan

Come up with a plan that includes all the landscaping details of your goal backyard, including the specifics like where you’re going to get crushed rock or gravel in Utah or the type of plants you want to buy. Finalize everything before setting out to buy supplies, especially the layout of your desired backyard. If you want to have a major project done, such as a patio or deck, spend more then enough time planning those aspects as well.

2. Place markers

To get a rough visualization of your layout, place markers in the soil where you want the elements of your new yard to be. For example, if you want the plant boxes to be in a specific place, mark the area with tape or flags. This technique will allow you to get a spatial estimate of your yard to ensure that crowding doesn’t happen. Moreover, having markers will make it easier for you to put materials where they need to be before building.

3. Choose the right plants

For trees, shrubs, and other plants, choose varieties that grow upward instead of sideways so that they don’t consume a lot of your yard space. It is also a good idea to select low-maintenance varieties since you don’t have a lot of space to work.

4. Go minimalist

For a small backyard, less is more. Don’t make the space crowded by putting unnecessary decorations and furniture. Instead, go minimalist. Decorate the yard sparingly and choose less elaborate furniture. Not only does a minimalist theme make your yard more stylish, but it will also allow more space for you and your family to do outdoor activities.

5. Ensure enough space between plants

Plants and trees need adequate space around them for optimal root growth and nutrition. That said, it is important that you place plants with enough space in between them. Don’t go overboard with planting. If the soil is too crowded, it can lead to poor growth of the weaker plant species.

Landscaping6. Skip the pathway

If you can see the whole yard from your back door, don’t bother with a pathway. A pathway in a small yard can make the space feel cramped. Moreover, if it doesn’t really lead anywhere, then it is an extra expense that you don’t need.

7. Use vertical space

Don’t have much space on the ground for your plants? Don’t worry. You can still satisfy your green thumb needs by planting vertically with hanging baskets, wall-mounted plant boxes, and stackable planters. Aside from incorporating more color against your fence or wall, this landscaping tip makes your yard look less cluttered.

Proper landscaping can do wonders for almost any type of outdoor area, regardless of the size or shape. So, if your house has a small yard, follow these landscaping hacks to turn it into a beautiful outdoor space.


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