6 Pandemic Home Improvements for a Cozier Ambiance

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The ongoing pandemic has turned a lot of people into an emotional wreck with the uncertainty of their employment status and the ever-present risk of getting infected with the deadly COVID-19. There has been plenty of research and surveys conducted since the onset of the pandemic that revealed its physiological impacts on a lot of people. These include anxiety, stress, depression, sleep deprivation, and appetite loss, among others.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to counter the ill effects of the current crisis. One of the highly recommended workarounds is through home improvements, particularly the ones that focus on achieving a relaxing atmosphere for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

If you’re looking for inspirations on how to make your home cozier and more inviting, here are six tricks you should consider:

Go for warm, earthy colors.

A quick way to make any indoor space look cozy is to use predominantly warm and earthy colors on the walls and ceilings. Fortunately, this one is fairly easy to achieve since there are plenty of painted faux bricks and stylish shiplap wall panels with warm colors for that effortless homey vibe. These products are perfect if you want instant makeover as they can be installed within a few hours.

You could also give your walls and ceilings a fresh coat of paint for a more permanent effect. Just make sure to choose paint with low or zero volatile organic compounds (VOC) to avoid respiratory problems.

Invest in scents.

Whether we’re talking about scented candles or essential oils, scents play a great role in turning an ordinary home into a haven for rest and relaxation. These days, one can find and purchase inexpensive scented candles and essential oil diffusers online and in specialty stores.

These products can offer a spa-like experience whenever the homeowner wishes to, which explains why they’re selling like hotcakes throughout the pandemic. As millions of homeowners are forced to stay at home for extended periods, they invest heavily in home supplies that allow them to feel at ease. If you want to turn your home into the coziest place you can possibly go, then these are the items that you should buy.

Get warm, literally.

Yet another excellent home addition to consider is a fire feature to add an unmistakable homey feel to your property. There are plenty of ready-made fireplaces, fire pits, and fire bowls that you can buy, but you can always opt for a custom-built one for a personalized look.

You can have an indoor fireplace to keep you warm during winter or invest in an outdoor fire pit to make your nighttime stays in your yard very comfortable. Not only do these fire amenities offer a cozy ambiance, but they also enhance a property’s aesthetics and market value.

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Mind the lights.

Another trick to effortlessly make any home cozier is to add mood lighting. You can buy plenty of commercially-available mood lighting fixtures and products depending on your budget and desired effects. There are lampshades, wall switches, smart bulbs, and string lights, to name a few.

These mood lighting products help turn an ordinary room or spot in your home into the coziest nook to just breathe and enjoy peace and quiet. Many of them are plug-and-play items while some can be installed DIY-style with a few tools.

Don’t shy away from natural materials.

Natural materials such as wood and stone are among the most in-demand building items for homeowners who are aiming for a cozy atmosphere. While they may be high maintenance (such as wood) or pricey (like granite and marble), the benefits they offer more than making the investment worthwhile.

Wood evokes a warm and caring feel from nature while natural stones elicit an aura of elegance that’s hard to find in other materials. By using them liberally inside and outside of your home, you can easily achieve that homey vibe that so many property owners work hard to enjoy.

Go for textiles.

Textiles such as wall rugs and carpets can effortlessly add a warm feel to any indoor space, be it the living room or master’s bedroom. While they are inherently hard to maintain since they are dirt- and dust-magnets, they nonetheless make up for it by adding that elusive cozy vibe to any home.

You order them from your local supplier or import them from countries such as India, Iran, and Pakistan where some of the world’s finest rugs and carpets are produced. With these textiles adorning your home, you’ll enjoy the warm feeling that they exude to make your stay as relaxing as possible.

The pandemic may take its toll on your mental and emotional well-being but with these tricks, you can easily counter these effects and actually turn your extended homestay into the best days of your life.


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