A Guide to Maintaining Heavy Equipment

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As a site manager, one of your jobs is to keep the heavy machinery running. Trucks, cranes, bulldozers, and more look like they are tough, but they do have limits. You need to ensure that your machines are in prime condition if you want your project to meet its schedule. Here’s how you can do that:

Have a Preventative Maintenance Program

One of the things you need to do is to start a preventative maintenance program. This is because it is better to stop a problem before it happens. Preventative maintenance involves routine checks. Your people will need to see whether the parts are still in good condition and keep them that way. This is usually done by regular cleaning and lubrication. Clean components and regular lubrication ensure that a machine will stay in excellent condition.

Machines that are properly maintained are beneficial to you. For one, you can expect them to be in peak performance. Plus, if you ever need to sell them, a well-maintained machine will be able to catch a fair price.

Know Your Machine’s Limits

Many of the problems that heavy machinery develop stems from the fact that they are often overworked or taken beyond their limits. For example, if a truck says it can handle only five tons of weight. Adding another ton is a bad idea. Pushing a machine beyond its specified limits damages it and can put your employees in danger. Always know what your equipment can do and cannot do to handle it better.

Have the Right Parts

Part of maintenance is repairing your equipment or at least replacing components in them. For example, a truck with worn-out tires will need to be replaced. If they are not changed, some problems might come up. Others need repairs. For example, power train component repair in Utah and other states usually involves a complete rebuild of the piece. It can be easier to buy a new power train. You will still get your machine running in this way.

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Power Down Properly

Have you ever stopped mid-exercise and experienced aches and pains afterward? This is the same as what happens if you turn heavy machinery off immediately. The heat needs to be appropriately managed, or your components will break. Besides that, you will also need to store the heavy machinery properly to prevent corrosion or theft.

Train Your Operators

Heavy machinery is much more complicated nowadays. Considering this, you can expect it to require specialized training. Improper usage can lead to breakdowns and accidents. For example, some heavy machines have multiple power usage levels depending on the job. Using the wrong level can damage more than help your equipment. Proper training ensures that your people use your heavy machinery safely and correctly.

In the end, your heavy machines are an integral part of your construction project. Ensuring that they run at their best is your responsibility. The tips above should be a big help in ensuring that your heavy machines will be able to do their job.


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