A Lazy Person’s Guide to Keeping the House Clean

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person cleaning the kitchen counter

Everyone is prone to bouts of laziness. It happens when we don’t know how to approach a specific task, feel intimidated about the amount of work that’s waiting, or the amount of effort is not worth the result. Dr. Neel Burton, author and psychiatrist, explains laziness as the result of one’s motivation to avoid work winning against the motivation to do the right thing. He also surmises that this tendency to conserve energy comes from the survival instincts of ancient human beings. Exerting effort on activities that don’t have an immediate pay-off can lead to danger.

Doing chores, specifically cleaning, is one of the things that aren’t interesting and enjoyable. What’s the point of sweeping the floor or keeping the clutter away if you’re bound to do it again in a few days? The repetitive motions can suck the life out of anyone, especially if you’re the type who craves novelty and avoids routines like the plague. Sadly, regular house cleaning is a vital chore to do. Swearing off it will invite germs, pests, and other health-endangering organisms in your living space.

But fear not, all hope is not lost for lazy people. Here are a few hacks to keep a house clean with as littlest effort as possible:

Adopt the minimalist lifestyle

Throughout the years, minimalism has gained quite a traction among millennials. The movement has given birth to a variety of documentaries, reality shows, and books showing people the benefits of decluttering and living simply. Lazy people who dislike cleaning should subscribe to this lifestyle because fewer belongings mean fewer things to clean. Clutter is insidious, slowly piling up and taking over the space until you realize you’re having trouble navigating through the sea of things. If you invest in high-quality belongings and avoid impulse buying, you won’t have enough stuff to create a mess. No cleaning needed.

Delegate the work to experts

man cleaning the sofa

Hiring professionals for house maintenance like fixing your central air conditioning or conducting a deep cleaning service can save time and energy you can use somewhere else. You’ll be saved from the trouble of figuring out what to do, especially in activities you are not knowledgeable about. Asking Google can only get you so far. They are faster and more efficient because they have mastered the mechanics of the work and have done it multiple times. You can even take it further by organizing a regular schedule for their services. Then you can truly forget about the chore at hand.

Crank up those tunes and podcasts

If you’ve done everything to lessen the workload but still need to pick up some slack, then listening to upbeat music and engaging podcasts can help stave the boredom away. Your brain will be preoccupied with what you’re hearing, instead of complaining while doing the dishes. Podcasts also offer a variety of interesting topics ranging from the latest media and celebrity gossips to discussions about politics and productivity. They can stimulate the imagination and transport you to more exciting worlds.

Cleaning is just one of those tasks that everyone should do despite its repetitive nature. You can make the act more manageable by subscribing to minimalism, delegating tasks, and listening to podcasts.


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