A Space of Your Own: Need Another Room?

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A building just outside your main home but still in your property has many names. For the longest time, it was called a shed, but as its purpose expanded it became more than an area to hold tools and equipment. Now it’s called granny flat, annexe in the UK, or even man cave to highlight its use as a leisure or hobby area for men.

As long as you have space on your property, anyone can have their own separate structure and use it for whatever they want or need. They’re not hard to make with some companies providing concrete walls that are pre-cast to save you from the really tough parts of the construction. Or you could opt to just buy a ready-made small installation but it will probably be made of wood and less solid.

The need for a workspace

woman working from home

The pandemic introduced many people to the practice of working from home. While most appreciated the safety necessity of remote working, many also enjoyed the idea of not having to travel to work and being able to work as they wanted in their own homes. It wasn’t very long before the difficulties of working at home started to become apparent.

The first was that home life is just not conducive to work. There are just simply too many distractions. It could be the kids playing or making too much noise or the temptations of the home entertainment and the kitchen.

Another issue that became apparent slightly later was that people’s work time and home time began to blur into each other. People were finding it difficult to switch off from work as they didn’t have a process of actually leaving the office, an act which automatically disengages you from work. There was no real time and space to step back from work and reflect on the day.

Creating an office that’s removed from the main building of the home creates a physical space that helps you separate your day and your time. You can focus better on work, switch off when the work is done, leave your home office, and resume your home life without still being in the office mentally. This not only helps you, it helps the family as children get their parents back instead of having an office worker always at home.

Playtime for all

If you already have a separate room dedicated to work at home, then you can use your separate space for leisure. A home cinema theater with gaming consoles incorporated, a library that doubles up as a quiet room, or even a playroom for the children, there’s a number of different leisure uses for a detached building.

Building a separate installation on your property can be cheaper than having to move house because you really need more space. It keeps you in your neighborhood and is not traumatic as there is no need to change school and maybe even jobs. It provides an option to work in a more work conducive environment now that remote work could be a part of many more people’s lives. If you haven’t thought of one, maybe now is the time.


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