A Whole New Kitchen: Expanding Your Cooking and Dining Space

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The importance of the kitchen cannot be underscored enough. It is often an overlooked area of the house as far as improvements and maintenance are concerned. Some people are so used to it that they take it for granted. But the kitchen is not just a dingy, grimy (at times) place. It is where you cook the food that warms the heart. It is the place where you have some cordial conversations with your mom (or dad) as she prepares you your chicken soup. It is where you often accommodate your guests when your living and dining areas are already full of people. In short, it is a very intimate place.

That is why it needs to get the makeover it deserves. Do not just look at it as a space that needs minor improvements. You have to go full-on when it comes to making it beautiful and functional. This time, you may want to expand it. Make room for more possibilities. Make room for warmer interactions.

If you are looking for ways to do the renovation project right, you are reading the right guide. Here are some of the pointers tea you may want to take note of:

Extend outward

If your kitchen is too small to accommodate your family and friends, you may want to extend it outward. You may want to break down the current walls that divide the outdoors and your kitchen, add some area and then build the new walls. It can be a very elaborate means, and you will need the professional help that you can get; you can work with a reliable framing contractor in Utah.

Go for smart shelvings

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Expanding your kitchen does not always mean breaking down the walls and making the floor area big. It may also mean looking at what you have right now and then taking away what is not necessary. In short, you should do some spring-cleaning. This is what you need, especially when you want to make the most of your limited space. Instead of having cabinets on the floor, why not put them up on the walls instead? You can go for floating shelves or modular cabinets that can double also as a table.

Give it a fresh color

Sometimes, the grime and grease change the color of your walls. You may choose to scrub the walls, but when the stain has set in and the paint has been in use for more than a decade, maybe it is time that you change the vibe of the kitchen. Give it a fresh color. Neutral palettes make a practical, safe choice. You may also go for thematic shades, such as red (not too strong) and blue.

Make it bright

A dingy kitchen needs some light. If your kitchen is facing the backyard, install glass doors so that natural light can come in. Skylights also make good additions. For nighttime, track lighting makes a good a choice, as you can adjust them depending on your task.

Renovating your kitchen should not be done hastily. Remember, it is one of the most used areas of your home, and you surely want it to last long. It can only endure the passage of time when the way you plan its renovation is painstaking, detailed, yet easy to execute. Make it part of your list of priorities.


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