Achieving Efficient Drainage Systems in Your Restaurant

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Food in the sink drain

Restaurants attract many people not only because of the delicacies on offer but also for their ambiance. However, it cannot be the case if the drainage systems are not in good working condition. Blocked drains cause water to back up, leading to water damage. It is also a health hazard. Drainage effluents emit foul smells that put off customers. Moreover, clogged drains can render restrooms inoperable. Drainage problems negatively affect your business; therefore, it is important to maintain your restaurant’s drains.

Preventive maintenance and drain repairs

Regular drainage maintenance and repair is essential. It should be done by professional plumbers to avoid damaging the pipes. There are companies in Coventry that offer drains recovery services to both residential and commercial clients. Preventive maintenance involves drainage cleaning using a plumbing snake or high-pressure water to remove any accumulated debris and grease. Moreover, it prevents the occurrence of having a clog, back up, or drainage issues. Preventive maintenance schedules can be done during after-work hours to avoid disruption during peak hours. Over time, pipes wear out and may need drain repairs or replacements in Coventry. Professional plumbers should be sought to perform such activities no matter how small they may seem. A small leak could be the sign of increased pressure and could result in a burst. Taking care of your drainage system by performing routine checks and repairs is key to achieving efficient drainage.

Food remains and grease

Food debris and grease are a major cause of clogged drains. Food remains on dishes should be scrapped off before cleaning them. They should be disposed of properly in trashcans. The use of fats and oils is unavoidable in the restaurant business. However, poor disposal can lead to a huge problem for your drainage pipes because fats solidify at low temperatures, clogging the pipes. Grease deposits narrow the pathway for drain water in the pipes or entirely blocks drain water passage causing inefficient draining. It negatively affects service delivery to customers because the cleaning process is slowed down. Fats and oils should be left to cool down then transferred to containers for disposal in garbage bins. Oily residues on the dishes potentially accumulate in drainage pipes causing the pipes to clog. Oily dishes should be wiped using an absorbent material such as paper towels before they are cleaned. Avoidance is, therefore, one method of maintaining proper drainage systems in your business.

Hot water and chemicals

View of the sink, drain and flowing water for background

Every time utensils are cleaned, grease accumulates on the walls of drain pipes. It is, therefore, important to run hot water down your drains after each use. Hot water liquefies the oils and fats rinsed down the drain. Chemicals such as vinegar and baking soda are a must-have in your restaurant. The mixture is effective in unclogging clogged drainpipes. It is an effective method and safer than commercial drain cleaning products. Commercial drain cleaning products should be avoided. They cause drainage problems when used regularly. Knowledge of the right products to use for your drainage solutions is essential for excellent drainage.

Proper drainage is key in the restaurant business. Unfortunately, business owners do not realize that until it is too late. Taking care of your drainage system saves you money while ensuring your pipes remain durable.


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