An Effective Way to Protect Your Patio Against Sun and Rain

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Have you considered adding a patio in your property? Other than increasing the value of your home, a patio can help you entertain more guests. Patios, as well as decks, are favorite gathering spots for many people.

Back then, a patio used to be an inner courtyard without a roof in a Spanish-American house. But the extreme weather conditions today are the main reasons you need to have protection at your paved outdoor area.

To enjoy the outdoors without the stressful heat, a retractable patio awning is an ideal investment.

What is a Retractable Awning?

The folding awning is an instant protection and shade solution you can add to your home or your commercial business premises. It’s a piece of covering material that you can roll and unroll when needed.

The heat coming from the sun now can get very hot, so using a retractable canopy is ideal for protecting your family or customers. In fact, the folding covering can block up to 94% of the sun’s damaging UV rays.

This home addition also works excellently in protecting you from getting wet during the rainy season. Modern awnings are motorized and automatic; you can control them via a switch. Others are using a remote control to operate the awning.

Retractable Awning Can Help You Reduce Utility Costs

Imagine this. The sun’s light can quickly pass through the glass windows of your house and this will lead to increased indoor temperatures. When this happens, your air conditioner will consume more energy to cool the temperature inside. When you have folding covering, aside from aesthetic benefit, you can control the heat entering your house and this will help you to save on utility costs.

Awning Styles

Terrace awning

Awnings can come in various models and can dramatically improve your outdoor space. You can choose from a range of colors to match the theme of your building.  Frames also come in a variety of shades. Choosing the right color combination will make a difference and add more value to your property.

Building Permit to Install an Awning

Installing an awning for residential buildings does not require a permit. However, most commercial establishment owners that desire to have a foldable covering must request for permission before building the cover. Other areas that may need board approval for the awning include historic districts, condos, townhouses, and the metropolitan regions.

Some questions might be popping into your mind. Why is there a need for a permit, by the way?  The reason is that an awning typically extends over public areas. There could be safety concerns that must be addressed early. You may no longer need to request for a new permit if you need to replace the old awning that has deteriorated over time with an identical type.

Having a folding awning makes your patio or deck a functional area for gathering and relaxation no matter what the weather is. Consult experts to ensure that your desired awning design will be achieved and have the right materials installed properly.


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