Attention Homeowners: Consider These Reality Checks Before Renovating

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Many homeowners can’t wait to tackle home improvement projects. With the current COVID-19 crisis still in effect, many now have time to finally tackle overdue renovations. While this is the perfect opportunity for you to start improving your home, it pays to realize that a home renovation can be more complex than you might think.

It takes careful planning and budgeting for a home makeover to be successful. One can’t simply wake up one day wanting to renovate and start driving to the nearest hardware to grab the materials needed. Before you jump on the home renovating wagon, ask yourself the following questions first. This way, you can better prepare yourself and increase the success rate of your project.

Can you handle the project on your own?

There are home improvement projects you can safely tackle on your own even if you don’t have experience in doing such tasks. However, if you have a big project coming up, then it pays to consider if you can truly handle the improvement single-handedly or if you will require help from the pros.

For instance, you plan on investing in hardwood flooring for your living room or dining area. Doing the floor installation on your own can take you longer, while professional installation saves you time and headaches. If you plan on using your savings, then do a financial check just to make sure you have enough funds to support the renovation. If not, you can consider other funding strategies such as applying for a personal loan or refinancing your mortgage. Weigh in the advantage and disadvantages of each before you decide on an option.

Will your project address your home’s current pain points?

Ask any homeowner, and they can tell at least two things they would want to change in their homes. However, upon closer look, it is easy to plan home improvements rather than tackle a project you badly need to address. This can be a repair or maintenance project that has long been due now. It might even be a spatial issue that will soon affect the comfort and convenience of your home.

Remember that the best renovation projects can address three main issues: safety, convenience, and comfort. If you can address current and future pain points in your home, then your project will truly become a successful one.

When will it start, and how long will the project take?

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Some homeowners fail to realize that sometimes, renovation can take a long time to complete. A lack of planning often leads to a poorly designed renovated home. Some even managed to drag the projects weeks longer than necessary. Don’t fool yourself that you can tackle a major home renovation project in just a day or two like in TV shows.

Careful planning and knowing how long you intend the project to be will make it easier for the whole family to plan their days ahead. For a major home overhaul, you may need to work out a new routine while the project is in progress. Knowing what’s in store due to the renovation can help you prepare for the coming renovation days.

Sure, renovating a house will always be an exciting endeavor. But it has its own challenges. Asking yourself relevant questions such as these will help you prepare for your upcoming renovation better.


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