Bathroom Renovation 101: Where Should The Toilet Go?

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Remodeling a bathroom is sort of like figuring out a massive jigsaw puzzle. Aside from racking down your dream fixtures and determining the features you want to be incorporated, you need to balance everything out with the right layout. Otherwise, it would impact everything single thing in the design and make seemingly minor errors looks like major disasters. With that in mind, you should prioritize your toilet’s exact position and consider a lot of things. Here are some practical pointers to take into account.

Evaluate All Existing Features and Elements You Wish to Keep

Existing features and elements you want to retain will dictate the position and exact style of the toilet you want. For instance, that lovely baseboard you don’t want to part with. For this, you could either opt for a toilet style that won’t sit flush against the wall or try different placements that will still show off the baseboard.

Figure Out Where to Place The Shower

The greatest mistake here is not accounting for the shower doors’ reach when they open and close. There’s nothing worse than placing your toilet too close to your shower door and both coming in contact with each other. So if you’re planning on installing an enclosed shower, make sure to get your dimensions right. Another important reason why it’s crucial to mark your dimensions is to avoid the spray side effect. Semi-open and barrier-free showers are very trendy these days. Still, you have to take into account specific measures to prevent having adjacent spaces, including the toilet area, covered in water droplets.

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Double and Triple Check All Measurements

Let’s say, for instance, that you already have a style and position in mind for your toilet. The next thing to do is to inform your plumbing services provider in Millcreek to determine if what you have in mind is doable. This is immensely crucial, so run everything by your plumber and contractor to avoid making disastrous blunders.

Consider The Available Space

When selecting your toilet’s position, you should consider balance and scale, as well. For example, you can consider a hidden cistern if you don’t have that much space, and you are concerned about how clunky or out of scale a tall toilet might look. If uncertain, look around for alternative options.

Consider The Requirements of Every Family Member

For example, if you have small kids, you should consider having a lower-lying toilet near a wall so that your kids can easily reach it. Alternatively, if an elderly relative is living with you or might live in your home soon, you might want to incorporate or at least plan to leave space that can accommodate rails, which is something that might hard to do if the toilet isn’t positioned near a sidewall.

Careful and strategic planning is key to ensuring that you get your toilet placement just right. Right from the start, your plumber and renovation contractor must know where you want the toilet to be placed—whether mounted on the wall or floor and where to place the water supply.


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