Before the Makeover: What’s Your Interior Design Style?

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The first, crucial step in interior design is more likely not what you think about. Nope, it’s not choosing a colour palette. It’s not shopping for furniture. It’s not even reconsidering the layout. It’s self-reflection — looking within to know what your interior design style is. If you know your taste and preference, all the other details, like the ones mentioned, will naturally follow. You won’t struggle to pick colour schemes or furnishings, precisely because you have a guide in your mind. That said, here are the steps to take in finding out what your interior design style is:

Snap photos of your home.

The starting point should be your current space. Take a tour inside your home and take pictures of every room. It’s a little strange doing this, but it’s crucial that you make this step because it will give you a clearer perspective later. Once you’re done snapping, lay down all the pictures in a table and start taking notes. What notes? First off, list what you like most about what you see. The flooring materials? The curtains? Your bed? Then, create another category, this time, what you’re not too happy about. It’s best if you jot down why you don’t like that particular element. Is it the material? The positioning in the space? Its colour? At the end of this exercise, you will hopefully have a concrete idea which styles you like and not like.

Make an inspiration board.

Now that you’ve assessed your current home, it’s time to put the ideal home in your mind. For this, the best approach is to create a vision board. Get a blank canvas, say, a clean bond paper (or a manila paper, if you want a bigger space) and then look into magazines, Pinterest boards, model houses, hotel rooms, and furniture stores for photos of spaces you like. Cut or print them out and paste them in your paper. It doesn’t matter if what you admire are small details. If you’re loving that straw cushion serving as an accent in that model house living room, put that in your inspiration board. If you like that wall mounted sliding door at the hotel room you last visited, pin that also. You want to get as many inspirations as you can.

Learn about the different styles.

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Taking what you like about your home now and what you put in your inspiration board, try to observe and write down the common, overlapping themes in the pictures. Once you’re able to pinpoint their defining characteristics, it’s just a matter of matching these preferences to the distinct interior design styles. So, for instance, your list and board both share neutral colour schemes and lots of negative space. In this case, you’re probably inclined to minimalist home designs. If the common theme is that old school charm, that vintage vibe, maybe you’re leaning towards French country or traditional style more. Be familiar with the unique features of design styles so you can determine which one suits your preferences best. Do take note of the ones you didn’t like about your home, too. This will give clues as to which styles you’re not a fan of. That would be crossed off already in your list of options.

What’s Your Style?

Again, knowing your style is the key to starting right in sound design. Take these steps to be familiar with your unique preferences. Now, snap pictures of your home!


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