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The architectural styles in Brisbane, particularly in Gold Coast, are a mixed bag. Many are heavily inspired by the West, a.k.a. American house designs. Others are reminiscent of years that passed. However, a central theme seems to tie most: the beach.

It isn’t surprising as the Gold Coast is a coastal city that boasts over 35 miles of coastline that complements the white sandy beaches. Its temperature is mostly sunny or warm, although occasional cyclones can threaten its natural surroundings and properties.

But how do you exactly build a beach-inspired property in the area? Here are a few inspirational ideas:

1. Think Minimalism

One of the universal elements of beach houses is minimalism. Unlike traditional or classic houses, beach or cottage homes are often lacking ornate details. Instead, the lines are often sleek and straight.

The exterior walls may feature cladding, but it is usually multipurpose. Not only does it improve the curb appeal, but it also protects the outdoors from harsh natural elements. In turn, paint, for instance, keeps its shade for a much longer period.

The minimalist design continues indoors. Many beach houses use the open-floor layout, which creates the illusion of plenty of space. It also allows for better ventilation as air moves more freely. It also promotes versatility and symbolizes the more laid-back lifestyle Aussies are known for.

2. Combine Metal and Wood

Think of beach homes, and wood will never be far behind. It’s one of the construction materials that complement the natural elements outdoors. Wood also enhances the relaxing atmosphere of the space.

However, more modern cottage-inspired properties use more than timber. They are also incorporating metals such as those from steel fabricators in Gold Coast. These include steel frames that line the back door, sculptures, and lighting fixtures.

Metals create a beautiful contrast to the warmth of wood. They add color without overpowering the hues of the indoor wall paint.

Contrary to popular belief, metals such as steel are also more sustainable than other materials. They use fewer resources, like water, to produce. Sustainability is a big theme when creating a beach home.

3. Attract More Natural Light

Natural light is abundant in Gold Coast, and that’s great news for homeowners. According to estimates, using this over electrical or artificial light could save as much as 75% of utility costs. Moreover, natural light is cooler than an artificial one, which generates more heat.

Meanwhile, some experts believe that natural light can be more energizing. This could be because the body’s clock is responsive to the light it perceives. Enough daylight can raise cortisol levels that help boost concentration and alertness.

Further, sunlight activates the production of hormones such as serotonin. This one helps enhance a person’s mood.

Homeowners can invite more natural light in many ways:

  • Make windows and doors bigger. If possible, they can go for floor-to-ceiling frames.
  • Use the right color palette. Darker hues tend to absorb more light, so choosing lighter shades may be more ideal in a beach home.
  • Incorporate glass indoors. One can install mirrors or objects made of glass, such as tables or sculptures, to bounce back natural light into the space.

4. Incorporate Natural Elements


As a homeowner building a beach house in Gold Coast, one of the primary considerations is to let the theme flow seamlessly from outdoors to indoors. One of the best ways to do that is to add natural elements inside. Some options include:

  • Plants in the garden all the way to the living room or bathroom — places where guests or property owners often stay
  • Sustainable furniture pieces, such as rattan, wood, or bamboo
  • Objects that can remind someone of the beach such as ethically sourced shells
  • Recycled or repurposed items
  • Glass vases or bottles instead of plastic ones

5. Don’t Forget Some Surprise

As they say, too much of a good thing may not be the best idea. While sticking to nature and the beach is great, overdoing it makes the space feel drab or unimaginative.

Homeowners can make their home stand out by including some surprises or twists in the design. Besides matching wood with metal, they can also paint one wall with a darker or brighter shade like red or yellow. The main door may be of a darker shade. Furniture pieces may be few, but their designs are more unique.

Creating a beach home in Gold Coast doesn’t mean going nautical, painting most with light blue. In fact, the theme can be subtler or understated. Either way, to truly capture its soul, the home needs to feel relaxing, cozy, pleasurable, and comfortable — like how it feels to be near a beach.


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