Best Car Modifications to Condition Your Ride For A Long Road Trip

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long road trip

If you’ve been stuck in the same dull places for a while, it’s time to unwind and take a vacation. What better way to make the most out of your free time than going on a road trip? There are many people to meet, great roads to drive, and places to explore. But before loading up your car and hitting the highway, you’ll need to have a couple of modifications on your ride. After all, you wouldn’t want to get stranded miles outside civilization.

That’s why you need to complete essential maintenance alongside doing the following modifications to ensure your road trip goes smoothly.

Roof Rack

A roof rack is a fun modification to have, especially during extended road trips. It offers you additional space, keeping more bigger things like bikes, fishing roads, and spare tires. However, make sure not to overload the roof racks since it can make the top part heavier, so be careful when packing your things in a roof rack. You can buy pre-made roof racks and have the roofing of your car upgraded too by requesting them to have silicone coating systems, protecting it against the possible bumps and scratches of the things you put on the roof rack.

Vehicle Security System

If you’re planning on hitting the road for a long time, you’ll likely be stopping in a couple of odd places here and there. As much as it’s great to find the goodness in people, that isn’t always the case. So, to ensure your safety, make sure your car’s security functions are in top condition. At least install a kill switch, which shuts the car and bypasses the ignition system during emergencies, preventing thieves from running away with your vehicle.

EV Conversion Kit

An excellent modification to consider is the EV conversion kit, helping you reduce your fuel consumption by turning your hybrid car into a full-electric one. Turning a hybrid vehicle is one of the dramatic upgrades you can make to it. But they don’t come in cheap. That’s why you need to find a vehicle-specific EV conversion kit for the best results and get your money’s worth. Although universal EV kits are available, they’re usually inefficient.

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If the road conditions at your final destination are less than ideal, or you want to drive off-road, it’s best to have the car’s suspension upgraded. After all, going through bumpy roads for an extended period can place this car part under constant strain, damaging it in the process. So, at least have your car shocks get replaced with top-quality endurance shock absorbers. If your vehicle has leaf springs, you need to inspect them for any damage.

Seats and Harnesses

Although typical car racing seats aren’t supposed to be comfy, coziness is a subjective opinion, and regarding performances, they’re supposed to cut off a significant amount of weight. That means besides adding more coziness to your car, it also improves its overall performance due to it being lighter. Moreover, these car seats usually offer a safer ride since their harnesses can hold the driver in supportively, allowing them to drive more precisely and quickly, which is especially useful when cruising in harsh environments and unpaved roadways.

But racing seats aren’t your only choice. Auto conversion professionals can improve your driving experience with higher comfort levels for more extended travels. The best part is, you can add features as needed, whether it’s a taller seat height and foldable armrests—anything’s possible.

Tires and Wheels

Having a quality set of high-performing tires will guarantee a better overall travel experience where accelerating, braking, and cornering relies on the tires’ response. Tires are crucial, and even an expensive pair of custom wheels will always be worth investment. Weather conditions and road sources vary, depending on your final destination. Do your research ahead to find out what type of climate will be circulating your destination to find the most suitable tires and wheels.


A limited-slip differential or LSD can boost your car’s overall performance and enable faster cornering, translating into a more effective engine output to maximize traction. LSD allows your wheels to grip different pavements more, carrying heavy loads in low grip condition environments with ease.

Traveling is more than just a mere activity. It’s an opportunity to go on an adventure, and road trips are one of the best trips you can go on, but they can be strenuous, especially when going on long drives. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure your vehicle is adequately modified—and the modifications mentioned are the essentials you need to take care of before hitting the road.


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