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Purple wall

An Average Retaining Wall Project May Cost $3,290

If you plan to build concrete retaining walls in Salt Lake City, the average cost may be around $3,290 including the price of materials and professional labor. Most homeowners spend more or less than the average price, but it’s possible to spend as low as $773, depending on the type of materials, the project’s size, and

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TAB: Why Businesses Need to Do It

First, the good news: if you’re doing business in Portland, Oregon, you might find the cost of electricity in your favor. It is cheaper than residential electricity and more than 15% lower than the national average. The bad news is Portland’s commercial electricity rate is about 2% higher than the state’s average. Worse, if you

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Five Elements that Cause Premature Deterioration of Asphalt Surfaces

Asphalt is a long-lasting and affordable sealing material. Most people in Salt Lake City opt for asphalt sealing for their driveways and parking lots because the material can withstand heavy loads and regular traffic for decades without breaking. Additionally, asphalt sealing doesn’t require a lot of maintenance as compared to other sealing materials. Just like

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nice kitchen interior

Cookin’ in Style: Kitchen Cabinet Designs That Will Last for Years

Other than the appliances, your cabinets play an essential role in the overall styling and appearance of your kitchen. Also, these will also dictate how organized and well-displayed your kitchen essentials are. However, sticking to trends when it comes to kitchen cabinet design ideas may backfire in the future. This is because many of these

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old woman who fell on the floor

Preventing Unintentional Injuries in Senior Homes

Provo-Orem, Utah is home to the healthiest seniors in the nation — most of them living independently. While medical conditions can sometimes be unavoidable, especially in the later stages of life, accidents and unintentional injuries can still be minimized and prevented. Falls Every year, a third of all seniors will suffer from a fall. Half

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recycling metal

Cutting Down on Construction Cleanup Costs Through Recycling

Companies can cut back on cleanup and other construction costs through a robust recycling strategy that not only focuses on recovering the most amount of recyclables but also putting each of those recyclables to good financial use. Construction and demolition waste represents the largest source of waste in the United States, representing a whopping 325

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small shed in the garden

Form and Function: The Building Blocks of an Attractive Garden Shed

Besides serving a functional purpose for the maintenance of a landscape, a garden shed can also be an attractive landscaping element itself. Careful attention to positions, surroundings, and detail can turn a utility space into a beautiful focal point in the garden. There are few outdoor structures as versatile and practical as a garden shed.

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children's bedroom space

No Room? No Problem: Ways to Add an Extra Bedroom to Your Home

A lot of homes have guest rooms in case a friend or visiting relative comes by and stays over your home, allowing for more comfort and privacy than just having them crash on a couch — or sacrificing one of your own rooms and have someone else sleep on the couch temporarily. However, not all

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Patio with wooden floors and couches

How to Spruce up Your Patio on a Budget

Whenever we see celebrity homes, we often wish that we have what they have: a mansion by the sea, a huge theater room, and a garden that will be the envy of the entire neighborhood. Unfortunately, not all of us can live like billionaires. But even if we don’t have a bank account as big

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House during summer

How Can You Protect Yourself From The Summer Heat?

Whether you’re running outside or going out for a stroll, expect your body temperature to rise, especially during the hot weather. But did you know that the summer heat can also get inside your home? The materials that you use inside your home can affect the temperature inside. Experts say that houses made of bricks,

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