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woman with hearing problems

Noise-induced Hearing Loss: an Underrated Workplace Issue

The British workforce faces plenty of hazards in the workplace, and some are less talked about than the others. One of these is noise-induced hearing loss. NIHL can be permanent or temporary. Either way, it affects a person’s ability to perform their job and even reduces their quality of life. For businesses and employees to

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Safest Plants to Grow Over Septic Tanks and Drain Fields

What would a home look like if it has a bare yard? People invest big money on landscape architecture and gardens because they make a property look great. However, many homeowners with septic systems don’t grow plants and flowers over their septic tanks and drain fields because of the misconception that their aggressive roots will

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home makeover

Home Makeover: Keeping the House Clean as You Improve It

Giving your home a makeover can be extremely fun, especially since most of us are stuck inside our houses right now due to the pandemic. Renovating your house, no matter how simple the task might be, can also result in a lot of mess. Paint can get on your floors and furniture, debris can get

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home renovation tools

Four Questions to Ask Before You Start a DIY Home Renovation

After having enjoyed your house for a few years, maybe you’ve decided to try your hand at DIY home renovation. Where do you start this project? How can you be sure you will do it right? Here are a few suggestions to make your home DIY renovation a resounding success: Be Clear About Your DIY

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vegetable garden

Food For All: Starting a Food Growing Project in Your Community

Growing edible plants is one of the most doable yet high-impact projects that people can do, especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Food security is now a very real and urgent social issue given the restriction of movements and the domino effect of business disruption as a result of this global public health emergency.

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family gathering

Making Your Home a Guest-friendly Abode

Are you someone who likes having people in your house? Are you the type of person who regularly hosts dinner parties and family gatherings? Being surrounded by friends and family makes us feel loved and secured. So, what’s a better plan in decorating your home than making it as guest-friendly as possible? If you love

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security camera

How to Choose The Right Home Security System for You

From tough locks to security cameras, there are plenty of measures you can take to protect your home from intruders. But it’s important to recognize that not all security systems are made the same. Certain systems and solutions may be more appropriate for your specific needs. Here’s how to choose the right home security system

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green miniature home

The Luxury of Space and How Tiny Houses Maximize It

As the years go by, space becomes more and more of a luxury in the United States. The smallest studio apartment average in the country is found in Ferrelview, Missouri, measuring 342 square feet where the average rent is $445. When it comes to one-bedroom apartments, Iowa City tops the charts with an average of

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home improvement

Why Millennials Love Home Improvement and What Mistakes They Are Guilty of Making

When it comes to homeownership, millennials fall short when compared to other generations. According to a recent survey, 80% of millennials delay home-buying since they lack the funds to do so. But while millions of Gen-Yers are renting, many were still able to secure homeownership and are now dominating home improvement projects. Why Millennial Homeowners Love Home

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fixing the wall

The Importance of Knowing Your Home Renovation Goals

Do you remember the popular ’70s tune, “YMCA” sung by the all-male disco music group, the Village People? Part of the music video for the song was filmed at the old Chelsea YMCA gym in New York. That gym used to have a running track and was frequented by many members looking for a good

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