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To DIY or Not to DIY? That Is the Home Maintenance Question

The lazy summer days are almost over and fall is fast approaching. In Salt Lake City, the colder weather creeping in means it’s time to start tackling all those maintenance projects you’ve been putting off. When it comes to doing maintenance jobs, you have two choices: you can either do the repairs yourself or you

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Interior Design: How Much Has It Changed?

Interior designs either stand or fail the tests of time. The successful ones become the standard that every artist and designer hope to replicate in their own work. With every failed design, on the other hand, artists learn from their mistakes to improve their work. It is a never-ending cycle of the creative process that they all have

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Home Renovation: Can You Do It Yourself?

Some things get old rather quickly. And with age comes some form of degradation and decay. With fresh food like fruits and vegetables, they often rot within only days or a week. Some foods, on the other hand, can stay fresh up to months or years, like canned goods. The same can be said for

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Homeowners Insurance Policy: Are Water Damages Covered?

As a homeowner, your worries do not end upon signing the contract to the house nor paying for it fully. In fact, a home purchase can even be the cause of most of your worries since there are just so many factors to consider. These include the homeowners insurance policy you need to protect your

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Making your Bathroom a Safer Place

Bathroom falls and slips are the most common causes of injuries sustained by the elderly and youngsters alike. While it is impossible to keep your bathroom 100% safe and slip-proof, there are a lot of ways to prevent it from happening. Sometimes, sprucing up your bathroom essentials and investing in additional equipment is what you

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Why is My Home Remodel Project Taking So Long?

If you have already hired a full-service contractor to remodel your home in Fort Wayne, know this: there’s a chance that the project will have some kind of delays. While it’s very reasonable to expect that your remodel will go on as planned by your contractor, there’s still the possibility that you will hit some

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How Much Should UK Homeowners Spendon Bathroom Refitting in 2019?

Homeowners in the U.K. should expect to spend from £3,580 to £10,000 to refit a typical bathroom. The average project, however, may cost around £4,700 inclusive of a bathroom fitter’s rates and price of materials. The actual price for your home will vary based on the labour fees and type of fixtures such as bathtubs,

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Should You Buy Off-the-shelf Windows?

Replacement-window shopping in California has never been easier. A single Google search can generate countless local stores near you, making it painless to compare products and prices. However, the Internet is good only for finding manufacturers and installers, not buying stock units. Off-the-shelf products seem the convenient choice, but their benefits pale in comparison to

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Cool Down Your Home Without AC in Eight Ways

Want to get thru the summer without racking up your electricity bill? Sure, an AC can instantly cool down your home in Minneapolis, but it also uses up tons of energy that can cost you a lot. If you want to ditch your AC this summer, here are some quick tips and tricks to keep

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Air Pollution at Home: Here’s What You Can Do

Whenever people talk about air pollution, most immediately think of smoke from manufacturing plants, exhaust from cars, and even forest fires. These are among the main reasons we are having problems with our environment. Air pollution is one of the largest causes of health problems in the world. If the air we breathe in order

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