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repainting walls

The Home Buyer’s Plan for Fixer Uppers

When you don’t have enough money to buy a new home, a fixer upper is a good option. It’s low priced and, with the right improvements, could turn into an investment that pays off well. On the flip side, poorly made additions or enhancements could turn your investment into a buyer beware story. So before

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Corrugated Roofing

Different Material Options for Corrugated Roofing

Corrugated roofing is nowadays the popular choice for most property owners. This is a type of roof with a rippled appearance. The corrugation in your roof is more than a design element. This shape is the primary element responsible for the durable and yet lightweight property of corrugated roofs. The roof will withstand adverse weather

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Renovation Mistakes Many Homeowners Make and Ways to Avoid Them

The pandemic made many homeowners realize that their living space could use a number of improvements. As we continue to shelter in place and with the uncertainty brought about by the pandemic, renovating our house can be a great way to boost our quality of life. But then, the last thing we want is to

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home garden

How to Transform Your Home Garden

It might not seem like it, but the lawn and garden are just as important as your home’s interior. A home with a bare exterior is like a naked person. If you’re prepared to spend a lot of time designing the interiors, you also need to extend the same attention to the exterior. After all,

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vacant room

Secret Rooms? Three Reasons Worth Considering Before You Create One

Secret rooms are as fascinating as they are chilling. Your first encounter with it is probably through a spy movie that made you want one as a child. Hopefully, you’re not among the unlucky homeowners who discovered crawl spaces and hidden passages leading to unknown rooms in your new pad. If you’ve seen horrific compilations

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bathroom with bathtub

The Dos and Don’t’s of Modernizing a Bathroom

When it comes to home improvement, bathrooms receive a lot of attention. It’s not without reason. For one, they can increase a property’s value when done right. Figures show that a remodel can raise the value by almost $18,000. Even if you don’t have any intentions to sell, a good bathroom is essential for any

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living room

To Move the Needle Towards a Circular Economy, Implement One at Home

In recent years, it seems as though we are suddenly on the brink of an environmental crisis. Extreme weather events, concerns over the depletion of limited natural resources, and a growing gulf in the quality of living across nations have brought matters to a head. But these developments aren’t new. They were forecast decades ago based on

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man working while eating pizza

How to Set Up a Productive and Practical Home Office

Working in a home office is common for lots of adults, but it’s also a new normal for others. Whether you work from home to run your small business or for remote office work, you need certain things to ensure that it will work for your specific needs. To get you started, here are surefire

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