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Reminders for When DIY Interior Design Becomes Daunting

Picture this: you’re in the middle of your house, room, or apartment. In front of you is a plain white wall even though you’ve been loving bright, bold colours lately. On your right is a worn-out couch that you’ve been using since who-knows-when. If you take a step back, you’ll hit a cabinet, a table, or

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IAQ vs. the Virus: Cleaner Air at Home, Lower Risk for the Family

Many people can easily get rattled by recent coronavirus statistics. With over 600,000 people succumbing to the virus, you see a death toll that’s more than all the deaths of all great wars combined, from the Civil War to World War 2. And that alone is scary enough to give you those spine-tingling sensations running up and

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A Guide to Quarantine Home Design and Improvement

Pandemic homeowners have been preoccupied with home improvement projects since the start of the quarantine period. People have been looking for fresh ways of making their homes warmer and more comfortable to live in each day. A lot of home improvement projects have been explored by these homeowners and their home transformations have been dominating

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Sustainable Homeownership: Three Upgrades You Can Try

With today’s alarming rates of global warming and climate change, people should start becoming more responsible for their actions. Every person in the world has a social responsibility to lessen the harmful effects of their activities on the environment, but very few actually do their part. As a homeowner, you can contribute to the sustainable

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Incorporating Natural Elements Into Your Home

Our appreciation for nature is often found in plenty of our activities. Multiple activities that relieve our stress make use of natural elements, and many of these we actively do regularly. This simply shows that nature has this gentle yet captivating power that makes us crave it constantly. But our love for the beaches and

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6 Long-Term Investment Repairs You Can Make in Your House

Owning a house may be a lifelong desire. However, the world of homeownership involves more than just peaceful weekends on the porch and romantic evenings by the fireplace. It takes dedication to maintain your own paradise secure and functioning correctly. Making minor fixes is part of the deal.   Here are six repairs you can

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Saving Up on Home Utilities

Last year, many people experienced a spike in their electricity bills, due to the quarantine. This made a lot of us more conscientious in our electricity usage, and many have started proactively finding ways to save on their bills.  Here are some of those ways: Use Energy Efficient Light Bulbs Lighting is actually one of

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