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The Importance of Knowing Your Home Renovation Goals

Do you remember the popular ’70s tune, “YMCA” sung by the all-male disco music group, the Village People? Part of the music video for the song was filmed at the old Chelsea YMCA gym in New York. That gym used to have a running track and was frequented by many members looking for a good

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How to Tackle a Major House Cleanup

Are you preparing your house for a major renovation? Have you been too lax with cleaning for the past few months, and now it’s catching up on you? Whatever the reason might be, tackling a major home cleanup can be overwhelming. Luckily, there are several strategies to make any significant cleanup a little bit easier: 1.

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Sustainable Home Renovation Ideas for 2020

Home renovation can help save the environment. In 2020 and beyond, renovating one’s home can be a project that makes one’s home more beautiful and functional while helping to promote sustainable living. New technology is making this all happen. Green home renovation is fast becoming a trend. To have a ‘”green house” used to refer

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Creating the Ultimate Relaxation Experience in Your Home

Some homeowners exert effort and invest money to make their homes the ultimate place to relax. Making upgrades for your home with this nature may be expensive at the onset. Yet, its returns are practical as it adds value to your home. Also, it gives you and house guests the pleasure of being in your

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4 Ways to Lead Your Community into an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

It takes a lot of effort for an individual to commit to an eco-friendly lifestyle. You will find that it takes years to develop habits and routines that are helpful to the environment. When you manage to make the transition, it is time to start influencing others to do the same. The first people you

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Bring Your Favorite Sports Home with a Backyard Court

Backyards are often underused. But with a little creativity and enough budget, you can transform them into an amazing space. You can turn yours into a personal oasis complete with custom Bullfrog hot tubs. If your family is into sports, however, why don’t you build a sports court in your backyard? That will help you

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What to Consider When Doing Home Improvement Projects

There’s always a reason to start a home improvement project. You have enough time to finish it. You have leftover materials you want to put into use. It’s also a good solution if you want to level up your house’s decor without spending a lot of money. The downside to doing the paintwork by yourself

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How to Enhance the Value of Your Home Before Selling It

Whether it’s due to personal or work-related reasons, homeowners have various motivations for selling their homes. One thing is for certain, though; the sale is expected to return a handsome profit. If you are planning on selling your home any time soon, you certainly want to get the best deal out of it. That means

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