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ice buildup on a house' roofing

The Easiest Way to Install an Insulator at Home

Winter is always a bummer because the energy bill in the house tends to get high. You have to crank up the heater. You can’t very well stay outdoors just like what you do during spring and summer to avoid using electricity. To be safe and comfortable in the house, you need the right temperature,

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a handyman

Finding the Right Handymen for Your Home Maintenance Projects

Getting the right handymen for home maintenance is as important as choosing the right location to build your house. You need to find people that you’ll feel safe with while considering their exemplary skills at the same time. Consistency in the crew who’ll be maintaining your home is vital in keeping your life comfortable. You

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man cleaning the pool

A Beginner’s Guide to Basic Pool Water Chemistry

A pool’s filter system does the heavy work as it keeps the pool water clean, but it’s the chemicals that deal with the details to make the water safe for every swimmer. You might have the equipment, tools, and the pool itself. But having these resources isn’t enough to make a good pool. To have

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woman deep cleaning marble

Signs That You Desperately Need Professional Deep Cleaning

There is a big difference between cleaning the house and deep cleaning the house. With deep cleaning, you have to clean the places you have never even thought to clean before. You also have to deal with the deep-seated dirt, grime, and scum that have managed to seep into surfaces for the past few months

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cleaning gutter concept

House Maintenance Checklist to Prepare for the Winter

Excited for the winter? Dreaming about the hot baths and snow angels is one thing. But becoming prepared for the cold is another. A recent study found that 94% of temperature-related deaths are associated with cold weather. Naturally, you’ll want to keep yourself warm as much as possible to survive. But is your house prepared to give you

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Summer pool with float

6 Post-Summer Maintenance Tasks You Shouldn’t Forget

The temperature is now starting to cool down, the air is no longer as humid, and people are starting to trade in their shorts and flip-flops for light jackets and scarves. The summer season is starting to come to a close. While it has certainly been fun frolicking under the sun and hanging out by

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home maintenance

Is It Possible to Maintain the Beauty of Your Home?

As we all know, when something is being used all the time, it may be inevitable for that one thing to sustain damages and lose its initial vibrancy. It won’t look as new, and it won’t feel as new. This is what time does to almost every single thing, both animate and inanimate. Such is the case

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high temperature

Watch Out for the Heat: Here’s How It Can Damage Your Home

Summer is about fun until a heatwave hits. In places like Arizona, daytime temperatures can soar up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Worse, the season isn’t over yet. There’s no doubt that excessive heat is dangerous to human health. On average, about 600 people die from heat-related illnesses annually. But it can be just as devastating for the

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polished floor

3 Ways to Care for Your Polished Concrete Floor

There’s a reason a city is called a concrete jungle. If we’re to take away all the brick-and-mortar portion of a city, we might not be able to recognize it. It won’t even look grand. Indeed, a city these days without concrete would look empty. Just a quick look around any city in America will

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