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rearranging furniture

Simple Yet Amazing Ideas to Maintain and Improve Your Home

There are many ways to improve a home. Simple ways that could make a home a lot better than before. Some families would require home renovations to suit their taste, but they can be too costly. Others would consider looking into some tutorials and follow tips to improvise. There are some simple ways to improve

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Plants that Will Naturally Repel Insects from Your Yard This Summer

Bugs are a nuisance. Their presence, and the potential disease-causing germs they transport, threaten to ruin the first summer after the outbreak of COVID-19 in the United States. However, there are things that you can do to prevent them from taking over your entire lawn and your home, endangering the health of the people you

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old pungent house

Don’t Ignore Strange Odors in Your House

Strange odors are quite common in Salt Lake City. Sulfides from the Great Salt Lake can travel all the way to Millcreek — giving the air a funky smell. However, if strange odors are coming from inside of your home — it might be time to do a little digging. Smells can range from irritating

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online business

New Business Trends: Ideas You Can Explore

We all want to have a business and be our own bosses. But many of us don’t know where to start, especially if we lack the financial resources. If this is you, here are three ideas you could consider. Storage and Delivery Services When starting a new business, one of the biggest worries many entrepreneurs

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empty office

Three Tips You Can Use to Create a Healthy Office Environment

When business owners think about the aspect of employment that they should be prioritizing, their train of thought might bring them to the topic of employee benefits or the scope of the job. Although these are all important to employees, there is an aspect that requires more urgency: the environment. The workplace environment often plays

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solar panel

Solar Power is Great — But Not through the Grid

The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) awarded $500,000 worth of grants to 26 Community Energy Management (CEM) programs. The grants focused on energy efficiency and solar power systems. Solar power is quite a popular source of renewable energy in Lansing and other parts of Michigan. In a recent poll, 76 percent

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5 Things to Think About Before You Buy New Appliances

Each home product typically reveals traces of use, damage, and age. The age is evident in most household appliances, and some parts may unexpectedly collapse, leaving you with a significant hole in your budget. How well you use and treat them, particularly in your kitchen, depends mainly on how good the appliance is and its

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