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The Costs of Independent Living

Ever since the pandemic began, the rate at which people were infected with the virus reached alarming levels. What started with a single case of the virus arriving in the United States through a plane trip (as may be suggested by analysts) became a circus show of people getting infected left and right. Out of

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Basics in Redesigning Your Office Without Breaking Bank

There are many reasons your company or business would want to consider redesigning the office, and, if you’re reading this, you probably already have a reason of your own to do so. But for those who are still on the fence about giving your office a makeover, here are a few reasons that you may

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ATV on a snow terrain

Winter and Black Ice: 3 Ways to Reduce the Risk of Accidents

For some, especially those living in snowy Utah, winter and the holidays may be more tragic than merry. According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), over 20% of weather-related vehicle accidents occur during the last season of the year. That at least 70% of roads are in snowy regions is a factor, but so does

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Home Maintenance Work to Prepare for Spring

With spring coming up soon, it’s time for homeowners to start planning the maintenance work they have to do in preparation for the new season. Some maintenance tasks are suitable for spring since the winter weather might have damaged some parts of the house. If you need help from service providers to work on the

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Hospitals Are Safe: Not Going to Visits Can Be Fatal

The COVID-19 pandemic has had people jumping in the shadows to avoid infections. People are avoiding places they deem unsafe, and hospitals are at the top of the list. However, various restrictions, guidelines, and practices guarantee hospitals’ safety, and avoiding a visit can have serious consequences. Reception Every individual entering a hospital is screened. There

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Build a Beach-inspired Home in Gold Coast

The architectural styles in Brisbane, particularly in Gold Coast, are a mixed bag. Many are heavily inspired by the West, a.k.a. American house designs. Others are reminiscent of years that passed. However, a central theme seems to tie most: the beach. It isn’t surprising as the Gold Coast is a coastal city that boasts over

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Stinking Furnace? Here Are 5 Possible Causes

If there’s one part of your home working harder than anything else throughout this winter season, it’s your heating system.  With the cold outside, your furnace is likely on overtime trying to keep you and your family members warm during these chilly months. As such, it’s important to keep your furnace in tip-top condition so

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castle near the sea

Inside Hearst Castle: The Real-Life Xanadu

The Xanadu — a vast fictional private estate in the film Citizen Kane — holds the same legendary fame as the movie. As enigmatic as its owner, Charles Foster Kane, the Xanadu covered 49,000 acres of land and is so splendid and extravagant that not even the journalists can estimate the cost. In the film,

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Questions to Ask the Interviewer during Your Job Interview

When the HR interviewer asks, “Do you have any more questions?” you know that you’re out of the hot seat, and the hurdles are pretty much over. However, this last question presents an opportunity to set yourself apart from other candidates. That’s because when the interviewer asks for questions, most candidates immediately say no or

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How Farming Games Impacted Your Home Life

Remember a time when people would join Facebook solely to play FarmVille? We were addicted to the thrill of growing and harvesting fruits and vegetables. We were excited over mundane things such as planting cherry blossom trees when they’re in season. A-list celebrities such as Emma Stone have talked about their own addiction to FarmVille.

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