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Mowing with lawn mower

Here’s What Your Customers Look For In a Lawn Care / Landscaping Company

The landscaping (including lawn care) industry has a total revenue of around $99 Billion, with over 1 Million employees, and more than 500,000 businesses. In other words, the landscaping industry is as lucrative and in demand as it is abundant and competitive. With the abundance of landscaping and lawn care businesses in the market, customers

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bathroom interior planning

Bathroom Renovation 101: Where Should The Toilet Go?

Remodeling a bathroom is sort of like figuring out a massive jigsaw puzzle. Aside from racking down your dream fixtures and determining the features you want to be incorporated, you need to balance everything out with the right layout. Otherwise, it would impact everything single thing in the design and make seemingly minor errors looks

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petting a sleeping cat

The Truth About Cat Allergies

Can you go near any cat without your eyes itching, your lungs wheezing, or your sinuses congesting? If not, chances are that you are allergic to cats. Up to 30% of individuals who have allergies have pet allergies, and most of them are allergic to cats. Additionally, while some individuals may only be allergic to

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a clean living room

Home Clean Home: Habits That You Should Have

A clean home is a comfortable home. But keeping the home clean can be a chore that may stress you out. On top of that, you are a busy person, and you may not always have the time to dedicate yourself to cleaning. But this is some kind of excuse that people make to justify

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Aerial view of Orlando, Florida

The Top Destinations of Domestic Migrants

U.S. Census Bureau data showed that Florida accounted for the most significant share of inbound domestic migration activity from 2010 to 2017. By contrast, New York lost the highest number of people from outbound migration during the same period. If you plan to move from New York City to Miami, long-distance movers can charge different

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