Centrepiece Room: How to Make Your Living Room the Focal Point of Your Home Design

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The living room acts as the focal point in most social gatherings within a home. In a way, a living room ties an entire house together, with all the other rooms interacting in part or whole with the living room.

Making sure that your living room is neat and tidy isn’t enough; it has to be tied together with all the other rooms that surround it. In most homes, the living room is the first place residents encounter. As such, the living room often dictates the mood or energy of the rest of the house.

You don’t have to be an interior designer or Feng Shui expert to create a living room that flows and exudes good vibes. Here are some essential design tips you can use to unify your living area and make sure it reflects the ambience of the entire home.

Choose the Right Furniture

If your living room is the focal point of the home, your living room furniture will be the gears that will make the whole area work properly. Go international with your collection, as this shows your worldliness to your guests: choose designer coffee tables from singapore armchairs from London, various trinkets from your travels across Asia and America.

Make sure that each piece of furniture and decor has a common theme. Either these complement each other or contrast each other.

A Focal Point Within the Focal Point

Regardless of whether you go minimalist or maximalist, two-tone or full-spectrum, you need to have a few key pieces that reflect the entire theme of the living room. You can achieve this by putting an ornament of some kind or a painting.

living room

Choose an accessory that contains all the aspects of your living room’s theme. For instance, if you choose a minimalist, two-tone vibe for the living room, then choose an ornament or painting that works as the embodiment of the overall design trend you’re following.

Alternatively, you can also choose to forego a ‘focal point within a focal point’ idea and design your living room furniture and accessories to work with one another to reflect the design theme as a whole.

Fabrics Can Make or Break Your Design

Always choose fabrics that match the tone and vibe of your overall living room design. You might think that a throw pillow’s material doesn’t matter, but imagine having a periwinkle blue pillow in a predominantly black-and-white living room. It’s awful.

Go for fabrics that match both the colour and the energy of the room. Warm-coloured furniture and accessories require something more rugged. Two-tone cool colours require something softer and more matte, while furniture with an explosion of colours requires something fluffier and can stand out on its own.

Remember, your living room is one of the first things people see when they enter your home. Let it dictate how the rest of your home should appeal to your guests, and make it the focal point of your home interior design.


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