Check Your Water Heater After Disasters

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The recent earthquake in California has taught residents, along with people in other states, that preparation is essential. You must be ready to evacuate your Utah home or place of work at a moment’s notice once an earthquake begins. After the shaking, you need to know what to do. Can you go home, or should you stay in the evacuation area? Once you go back, you still have to check your house for structural damage and electrical or mechanical damage to appliances, especially your water heater.

Damage Is Damage

Water heaters can easily be fixed by professionals in Park City, but you have to detect the damage first. Once the damage is done to your water heater in any way, your machine might leak or even burst. Part of preparing for natural disasters includes knowing how to recover from such calamities even if the events result in minimal damage to your community.

Heaters Are Prone to Damage

Now, you should make it a habit to check your water heater after every calamity. Different disasters can cause different kinds of damage to water heaters that can lead to all sorts of trouble. The consequences of heater damage include leaks, flooding, water damage, and even fires. When these things happen, you end up with more property problems.

After an Earthquake

You can prepare for disasters such as earthquakes. An earthquake can easily tip unsecured water heaters. The heaters can then ignite a fire or hit gas lines and cause leaks. After the earthquake, you must check the heater and any damage to it and its surroundings. Fix the damages immediately for the safety of your home. You can also ask a heater repair expert to install bracers and keep the device in place.

After a Flood

house affected by flood

Aside from an earthquake, you might also contend with a flood coming from overflowing rivers. Your water heater might be partially underwater. Once you return home and clear floodwater from your house, you better replace that water heater instead of using or repairing it. The floodwater will compromise your heater’s electrical system; you might be electrocuted when you use it again.

After a Lightning Strike

You can follow the same precautions when it comes to lightning strikes. Although lightning will least likely hit your house, it can still happen, and at that moment, your water heater will be damaged. The damaged water heater can cause a fire, so you better call the fire department after a lightning strike to ensure that your house and appliances are safe. Your home can have an electrical surge that can fry your heater.

In the end, earthquakes, floods, and lightning strikes can all damage your water heater and cause more problems. You can prepare for these events by following the given pointers. Also, you can check your water heater after a disaster to know if you need to replace it. Preparation can keep you and your home safe. If you feel unsure, you can seek the advice of experts or professionals.


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