Chimneys and Gutters: Priorities for Roof Maintenance

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Architectural detail of metal roofing on commercial construction of modern building complex

They say if you shake the hand of an experienced chimney sweep in Connecticut or any other place, you’ll enjoy a run of good luck. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of superstition, but you cannot rely on luck to keep the roof clean and functioning optimally. Here are important reminders on how to maintain a sturdy roof over your head:

Avoiding chimney fires

Experts recommend proper chimney cleaning on a regular basis and an annual inspection. When you run the point of poker along with the chimney liner, what do you get? If the buildup is already as thick as a nickel, then you should act on it. A filthy chimney is a dangerous one. If you wait too long before making the call, you are increasing the risk for a chimney fire.

Creosote buildup responds to fire like foam sealant. It is an excellent medium for a conflagration. Layers of build-up could harden and make it difficult for cleaners to restore the chimney to working order. There may be a need for special cleaning tools and chemicals to remove the filth and grit. Delaying would not only put your household at risk for a potentially destructive fire; you could also be spending more on an otherwise routine maintenance check or repair service. Be safe and schedule a formal chimney inspection by qualified personnel once a year.

When gutters become dangerous

man repairing a gutter

Water damage could cost a lot of money to fix. If you have experienced flash flooding or a plumbing accident, you know how water could affect furniture and seep into walls, causing mold to grow. The gutter system plays a huge rule in keeping your home dry and clean. Yes, the gutter system up in the roof keeps not only your home dry but everything else that surrounds it — the driveway and the garden, too. No one who understands water damage would disagree that gutter cleaning is one of the three most important items on your maintenance checklist.

Repairing damaged gutters won’t cost that much. Yet, why wait for twigs, leaves, and small animals to wreak havoc on the roof if you can hire a local team to remove items that could potentially clog the system? The weight of collected debris could damage the structure and lead to a leakage.

When the gutter system is not working optimally, other parts of the roof would incur damage as well. Water would seep through shingles and end up in the attic and the walls. The soil surrounding the house will saturate with water and seep into the basement and foundation. The list of problems goes on. You can avoid all these by keeping the gutter system free from debris and structurally sound all year round.

Maintaining a clean chimney and a functional gutter system should keep your budget safe from unnecessary expenses on repairs. When it comes to roof maintenance, always keep an eye on the gutters and chimney. Keep your family safe from fires and water damage, but don’t climb the ladder yourself. Leave it to trained professionals instead.


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