Choosing Rebuilding Over Renovating

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Not everyone gets the opportunity to purchase their dream home on their first attempt to invest in a real estate property. It takes a few more years and twice the hard work before you can transform it or move into the one you’ve been dreaming of.

When you finally have the time and resources to upgrade your home into your dream home, you have the option to acquire the help of demolition and removal services or an architect who’s experienced in the art of renovation. It’s always a question between “Should I start from the ground up?” or “Should I extend and redesign?”

Like all matters, finding the better choice depends on the current state of your home as well as your goal for the future. If you only need to add a couple of more rooms, it’s better to create an extension instead of knocking down an entire house. If you want to change the structure as a whole, it might be more cost-efficient to start from scratch—contrary to popular belief.

Demolition gives you the illusion of spending more. Of course, seeing the home, you invested in turn into debris will do that. But adding areas into your house while making it look like one whole structure, and not a mix of elements that do not belong together is tough.

If you are still unsure on which step to take, here are some pointers you have to take note of if you’re choosing to rebuild over renovation:

1. The rules and regulations in your area when it comes to demolition.

You make plans, make sure that demolishing your home is an option for you. There are areas where council planning laws prohibit the demolition of houses for reasons such as historical importance and period of existence. To be certain, you can check with the local government on what the rules are and to which they apply. Furthermore, determining the age of your home can be checked based on the council records and purchasing contract—even from your drainage plan.

2. The layout of your home should be taken advantage of the land.


The layout of your home might not be taking full advantage of the plot. For instance, the current design places the bedroom on the side of the road where noise is inevitable. Rebuilding gives you the opportunity to correct this by finding a layout that works by taking into consideration the function and purpose of the rooms in the house.

3. The value of your property might depreciate based on the current situation of your home.

If your home needs a design intervention because of its dilapidated condition, you might want to weigh the cost of repairing versus the cost of rebuilding. As stated earlier, there are situations where renovation exceeds the value of a home and rebuilding is the better option. However, you can also keep your eye open on the possibility of selling the land after the demolition without rebuilding. The plot might attract the buyers more instead of a plot with a run-down house.

Rebuilding can be a hassle when you think of moving out temporarily to give way to the construction of your new home. However, when you see your dream slowly come into reality, you’ll realize that it’s all worth it.


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