Construction 101: the Value of Prefabrication

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workers installing the prefabrication materials on the site

Construction projects take up large amounts of time and money. Thinking up ways to reduce the number of resources to spend on them is a big responsibility for project managers. Thanks to modern technology, there are methods to make things simpler for your construction project. One of these is the use of prefabrication.

Prefabrication involves the various parts of your construction project being created off-site and just assembled at your project location. This reduces much of the build time if the pieces are prepared beforehand. It also reduces much of the labor costs since your team will be able to complete things much faster. Prefab construction is also easier to access, too. Nowadays, companies like Sexson Mechanical can set your project up with a variety of prefab choices. Here are just some of the projects for prefab processes:

Quick Expansion of Facilities

One of the best ways to use prefab processes is to utilize it for the rapid expansion of facilities. When it comes to major facilities like airports and prisons, you want construction to be done quickly. This is so that they can be up and running as soon as possible. For example, if you need an airport running in just a few months, have the components done prefab and then delivered to the site as construction begins. This eliminates much of the delays and costs.

However, it is not for all facilities. Prefab works best if you limit it to facilities that don’t need unique components. If you’re looking to build rooms that are the same, prefab is perfect. This is why hospitals, schools, and senior care facilities benefit from it.

It can also be useful if you are planning to add a particular type of room. For example, if your project is mainly to add several bathrooms to a building. Prefab makes this quick and straightforward to do so that you can have the bathrooms up-and-running quickly.

Disaster Recovery

houses ruined by a hurricane

Natural disasters can be devastating when it comes to building and housing. Whether it is hurricanes, tornadoes, or even earthquakes, all of them can destroy large swathes of housing. If you have been charged with providing housing for those who have lost their homes, prefab houses are a great stopgap.

This is great because prefab houses are quick to construct and will have people housed in the interim while more long-term solutions are found. Prefab houses are often criticized for being not as good-looking as regular houses, but looks are not a concern when it comes to emergency housing. Additionally, these houses are cheap and can be given another purpose after the initial occupants have moved out.

Government Construction

If you are a government employee and have been charged with a construction project, prefab is the way to go. This is mainly because of the amount of savings the government can get. Some companies have pre-designed facilities so you can pick one out immediately and get started. Some of these projects can get you up to 60 percent in savings, which is a good thing for any government project.

The examples above are some of the projects that prefab processes can improve. Any project manager worth their salt will be able to figure out how prefabrication can make their projects more comfortable.


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