Converting Your Basement into a Habitable Space

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What’s the one thing we want in our houses? Extra space, isn’t it? Oh, if only we have a spare bedroom for our relatives and friends to stay in when they come over. If only we have an extra room to convert into a workspace. There are plenty of reasons we should seriously think about converting our basements into a livable area in the UK. We can also rent it out so that we have some extra cash lying around when there’s an emergency. Depending on where you live, a rented basement can cost about $500 a month.


First, you need dry lining tools. You need to put up drywall because exposed walls will not be a good look for any kind of livable space. The drywall will also act as an insulator, though if you live in a winter-heavy state, you should consider putting insulation foam between inside the wall.


Most basements are around six feet in height. This will not bode well if you are at least five and a half feet. The room will feel stuffy and suffocating. What you or a contractor can do is to crack open the concrete floor, excavate, and re-lay the concrete. That will give the basement additional height, though it also means fixing the bottom part of the walls.


Basements have concrete flooring. Homeowners barely invest in their basements, so this is normal. Install tiles or a carpet in your basement. They will make it look habitable and homey. You may also use foam floor mats if you are going to convert the basement into a home gym. That will soften the floor and protect it from the heavy gym equipment.


If your ceiling beams are exposed, you can opt to wrap them in string lights. This will give the room such a whimsical feel without having to cover up the ceiling. If the pipes are exposed, you can go for a more industrial look. But covering up the ceiling is always the best choice if you want to turn the basement into a bedroom. It’s fairly easy to do and does not cost as much as you think it will.


Basements tend to be dingy and dark. Brighten it up with neutral-colored walls. Paint the walls with beige, taupe, white, off-white, pastel colors, or pale yellow. Good paint can turn a room extraordinarily. It can turn a dark basement into a gorgeous space where you can work in peace. You can host guests there, too. All it takes is a fresh coat of paint for a room to look amazing.


empty basement with laundry

Finish it up with nice pieces of furniture. If you want to turn it into a home gym, you should invest in the right equipment. If you are going to turn it into a bedroom, buy furniture that showcases your personality and character. The right furniture can do so much for a room.

It is high time that you converted your basement into a livable space. What use would it be if you used it only for storing an old sofa? You don’t need that big of a space to store old items in your house. Throw them away, but don’t hoard them. There are more uses to your basement than a dumping area for your old things.


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