The Costs of Independent Living

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Ever since the pandemic began, the rate at which people were infected with the virus reached alarming levels. What started with a single case of the virus arriving in the United States through a plane trip (as may be suggested by analysts) became a circus show of people getting infected left and right. Out of the 328 million people residing in the United States, more than 31 million became infected with the virus. One in every 10 people were victims of what was once disregarded as something not serious.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced millions of people into unemployment. While a lucky few were offered to work from home, millions of others were forced into unemployment or had to reduce their salary to retain their jobs. As a consequence, millions were forced to move back to their parents’ houses. Based on a study done in 2020, last year has seen the highest percentage of young adults living back with their parents since the 1940s. To pay less and survive, they had to shed a little of their dignity.

Many colleges have emphasized virtual classes. There was no need for dormitory housing or college residences. The job market is even worse. Because a lot of companies are cutting back on costs, not a lot are hiring. To reduce incurring large expenses, many young adults are opting to instead stay back with their parents until luck strikes for the better.


It takes a lot of courage to live independently nowadays. With the economic downturn, it became extremely hard for anyone to sustain themselves. What is the current cost of independent living?

Rent Expense

Depending on where you live and who you live with, rent expense still takes up the bulk of your expenses. Signing your lease might be one of the easiest things you can do, but paying for the rent expense can be a difficult activity to do every single month. Aside from the bulk of the furniture you have to pay for yourself. Rent is just one of the monthly expenses you have to pay for religiously. Missing one month of rent can spell whether you will be living on the streets or not. Supposedly, rent should only take up 30% of your expenses. However, experts say that rent nowadays takes up as much as 50% of a worker’s salary due to inflation and low wages.

Upkeep Expense

Maintaining the apartment is another cost you should take into account when living independently. You have no one else to look after you. You should be able to do or at least pay for the maintenance of your humble abode. Upkeep expenses may be rare to occur but can be expensive when it comes. The cost of deep cleaning or paying for a residential cleaning service can be expensive and should be part of your monthly budget. You must have your house cleaned at least once a year to remove any stubborn stains and breeding grounds for pests.

Utility Expense

Paying for utilities should be a no-brainer if you want to live comfortably. Expenses such as water, electricity, internet, and gas are among the few things you need to survive alone. Everything else is a luxury. Heating can become expensive depending on the type of heating your apartment allows. Depending on the season, all the expenses can reach up to a few hundred dollars a month. Even if you live alone, you will be surprised at how much the expenses can stack up.

Basic Living Expense

Other basic living expenses like food, laundry, insurance, and transportation expenses are only a few of the things you must anticipate when living independently. To sustain yourself, you must be prepared to pay for your own food, do your own laundry, pay for insurance for emergencies, and pay for your own transportation. While doing these activities can be fun at first. Eventually, you will realize how important the costs of everything are. Each penny counts. You will be missing out on paying for a certain thing if you overpay on another.


Living alone can be costly but understandable. A lot of people look forward to living alone because of the independence and peace it brings. However, you must be prepared to pay the costs of living independently. Independence can increase your confidence and your feeling of stability. It also brings a feeling of accomplishment. However, maintaining that image costs thousands of dollars. If you are prepared to pull the trigger on those costs, then living independently may not be such a bad


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