Three Tips You Can Use to Create a Healthy Office Environment

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When business owners think about the aspect of employment that they should be prioritizing, their train of thought might bring them to the topic of employee benefits or the scope of the job. Although these are all important to employees, there is an aspect that requires more urgency: the environment.

The workplace environment often plays a big role in the performance and productivity of your employees. It might not look like an impactful factor, but the environment in which your employees reside throughout the workday can affect their bottom line.

Imagine this scenario: you have an employee that’s behind on their deliverables and is working on a strict deadline. They have everything they’ll need to accomplish the task on hand, but the temperature is too warm for their liking and there’s a foul odor in the air. Plus, their allergy acts up because their desk is dusty.

You must understand the importance of having an environment that is conducive to working. All these unnecessary distractions can take your employees’ time away from their tasks and onto figuring out how to get rid of what’s annoying them. So, here’s what you can do to make sure that your employees’ productivity isn’t going to be affected by an unsanitary and unhealthy environment.

1. Get Professional Help When Needed

Just like a typical household, your office will need deep cleaning once every two months at the very least to get rid of all the dirt, grime, and contaminants inside. This can’t be done through basic cleaning and maintenance alone, especially if there’s not enough time or manpower for it to be feasible.

In situations like this, you might need to call in the professionals so that you can rest assured that the place will be spotless. But before you trust just anyone to turn your office upside down, it could help if you identified what kind of commercial cleaning services you will require.

This can include tile and grout cleaning, floor-stripping and waxing, window cleaning, floor and upholstery care, carpet cleaning, or deep cleaning of the air vents. Knowing what you want to be done will make it easier for the professionals to provide exemplary service at the best prices.

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2. Allow the Workplace to Breathe

Always keep in mind that even buildings need to breathe. You might not notice this when your HVAC system and filters are working double-time to provide your office with clean air to breathe, but they need to rest too. Your workplace will require proper ventilation once in a while to allow the air to circulate.

If you depend on the HVAC system alone, sooner or later, you might notice the air becoming stale, which can make it hard to breathe. Stuffy air can also cause allergic reactions or respiratory problems in your employees because the air they are breathing in is full of airborne contaminants.

To avoid this from happening, you need to conduct routine inspections and maintenance on your HVAC system. Have your in-house maintenance staff regularly replace the filters too so that you can minimize the possibility of causing allergic reactions. It could also help if you placed indoor plants around the office to assist with air circulation.

3. Use Eco-friendly Cleaning Solvents

Most store-bought and commercial cleaning products include toxic chemicals in their formulas to achieve desirable results quickly. These harsh chemicals are present to make cleaning easier, but those good results may be coming at the expense of your and your employees’ health, or even the environment.

This is especially true if someone accidentally ingests the substance or inhales the fumes coming from the cleaning products. Instead of putting people’s lives in danger, it could be better to look into organic or eco-friendly cleaning products that don’t make use of harsh chemicals in the solutions.

Making the switch may take some getting used to, but if it’s for the sake of a healthier workplace environment for your employees, it should be a worthwhile cause. Besides, the proactive decision to patronize eco-friendly cleaning products can be very beneficial to the environment.

Creating a healthy work environment that is also conducive to working can help your employees perform their jobs better. This can increase the overall productivity inside your office, which can bring about a higher rate of efficiency and an improvement in your sales revenue.

Doing this can also show your employees that you value their contributions to the company and that you see them as more than a means to an end. Not all bosses go out of their way to make their employees feel cared for, so your employees might start to appreciate you even more.


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