Running Out of Storage? Here’s How to Create More Space

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You could have plenty of storage space in your home, but sometimes, it’s never enough to keep all of your stuff. Maybe your family is growing and that means extra space for your kids’ needs. Perhaps you have a hobby that requires a lot of supplies and equipment. Or maybe you’re running a business at home and have to share the storage space with the rest of your personal belongings.

Whatever the reason may be, having not enough storage space often makes up for a cramped and disorganized house. So before things get out of hand, here are a few ideas that can help you make more storage space.

1. Do a major de-cluttering

Sometimes, getting rid of a few knick-knacks here and there is not enough to create substantial storage space. In this case, a major de-cluttering should be in your sights. Get rid of everything that you no longer need or want. Prioritize disposing of the biggest space eaters as well, such as old appliances, furniture, and boxes upon boxes of forgotten stuff. Dedicate at least a few days or even a week to this endeavor, and you’ll find yourself freeing up a lot of storage space that used to be occupied by unnecessary items.

Aside from that, you’re also making your home easier to clean and less prone to pests, which is another plus.

2. Build a shed

Custom sheds and storage buildings can create a significant amount of space where you can keep stuff outside of your home. A shed is a great option. Here, you can store garden equipment, sporting goods, dog food, cleaning supplies, and other stuff that you only use seasonally or want to keep out of the house and the garage. Moreover, they provide protection against the elements as well as pests, which is a great way to avoid garden tools from rusting or dog food from getting eaten by rats.

3. Maximize vertical space

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Building up instead of out will help you create more storage space without using up more floor area. Invest in top-to-bottom shelves, stack containers on top of each other, install wall shelves over cabinets, and so on. Keep the essential items within easy reach and store the not-so-frequently-used items on the topmost shelves.

Aside from maximizing storage space, using vertical space is a great way to tell whether you need a particular item. For instance, if you haven’t reached for that item on the top shelf in ages, then chances are, you probably no longer need it.

4. Invest in furniture that doubles as storage

The furniture already takes up a lot of space, so why not make them double as storage containers? For example, ottomans that are hollow inside can be used to store magazines, toys, or wires in the living room. Storage containers can be placed under the bed to utilize the empty space. A vintage trunk can be used as a chair, a table, and a storage container all in one. And the list goes on.

This tip is especially important for smaller homes since you need all the space you can get. If you don’t want to end up with a cramped space, invest in furniture that can double as storage.

5. Consider a storage unit

If there are things that you need to get out of the house but want to hold onto, for the time being, considering renting a storage unit for a short period. A storage unit can come as especially useful if you are moving or about to hold a large yard sale. But more importantly, it will give you some breathing room in your house while you get things sorted.

6. Finish the basement

A basement that is dank and dirty may not be an ideal storage space for your extra stuff. For instance, pests can get into cardboard boxes and unexpected leaks can damage the stuff you store there. And if you need extra storage space for your hobbies or a home business, you need a clean and organized area in your basement.

If you want to turn your basement into usable space, consider having it finished. While this may require a sizeable investment, you’re also adding potential living space to your home aside from expanding your storage area.

Having not enough storage space can make your house feel stuffy and disorganized, not to mention the fact that it can be more difficult to clean with a lot of stuff around. To avoid constantly running out of space, use these tips to actually create more space instead of just shuffling things around when you need more storage.


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