Creative Garage Conversion Ideas to Try Out

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empty garage

Do you need some additional space in your home? Although your garage is designed to house cars, you can turn it into a cozy and comfortable living area with a little creativity and design ingenuity. Maximise the benefits of this extra room with these interesting and innovative garage conversion ideas you can try out yourself.

Home gym

You won’t need to leave the house to get a good workout in when you’ve got a gym right in the comfort of your own home. All you’ll need is suitable gym equipment, a mirror to check your form, and a heavy duty garage door to keep everything secure. You can find sturdy and durable garage doors that suit your needs anywhere in Salt Lake City. Although it’s a little costly to set-up, you’ll end up saving a ton of money in the long run without having to constantly pay for a gym membership.

Guest room

Do you love hosting and having people over? If you don’t have an extra room, turning your garage into a guest house is a great way to accommodate your friends and loved ones when they visit. They’ll never have to worry about where they’re going to sleep when they come over.

Cinema room

Bring the cinema to your home by outfitting your garage with a state-of-the-art TV and sound system. Throw in a bunch of cozy recliner seats and a dark and dramatic color palette to add to the theatrical vibe. This room can also serve as a general entertainment room when you furnish it with things like video game consoles or a mini bar.


remote work

Most garages are slightly cut-off from the rest of the house. This makes it an ideal place to work if you need some peace and quiet. Whether you’re in need of a design studio or just a regular office, there’s no limit to creating the most suitable workspace for you in your garage.


Got a knack for mixing up some drinks? You can turn your garage into the talk of the town by turning it into a bar and party room. Complete the look with a sturdy counter, a pool table, and a well-stocked cabinet of your favorite booze and liquors. It can also double as a grill area since you can conveniently open up the door to your backyard.

Lounge area

Maybe your living room isn’t big enough or perhaps you just need a separate space for your the adults to gather and talk while your kids play. A homey and warm lounge area is just the thing you need. You can furnish it the same way you’d furnish a living room but you can also have a little fun and add in accents that match your personality.

Rental space

If you don’t need the extra space but need some extra cash, you should consider turning your garage into an extra bedroom that you can rent out. You can either do long-term rentals or short-term stays for travelers, especially if you’re in an area that’s frequented by tourists.

Take your pick from one of these creative and innovative ideas and turn your garage into the living space of your dreams.


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